8 Local Artists on Instagram in Malaysia to Purchase Art Products from

Image credits: @baoqin and bingka.my

Art can be infused into our daily lives in a variety of ways, ranging from music to home decor items, and stationery pieces to bags and such. Artists have a unique way of seeing the world, and from postcards to sticker printing, tea towels to notebooks, we’ve managed to track down some local artists who capture their works on these products and more! Lend our talented local artists on Instagram some support by checking them out, and who knows, something might even catch your eye!

1) @baoqin

@baoqin likes journalling, recording daily happenings, food adventures and travel adventures in notebooks decorated with washi tapes and such. She also likes to draw and create, which has led her to create pieces based on popular TV shows, such as Shadow and Bone. However, her main products are postcards. Each postcard she creates is of a different theme, and sometimes the postcards are interactive as well. She has released a word search postcard previously, and her most recent creation is a air ticket-themed postcard. Check out her website at lifeloguestudio.com!

Image credits: @baoqin

2) @bingka.kl

Bingka is a cultural gifts store where products are steeped in Malaysian culture, whether they are bags/pouches, cards, tea towels, stationery, or any other item that tickles your fancy. All their products showcase a strong Malaysian spirit, and you’ll be delighted to have a little piece of Malaysia to bring with you wherever you go. To check out these lovely local designs, visit their Instagram page or their shop at bingka.my.

Image credits: bingka.my

3) @jacktus.my

Jack Yin has a specialty: kopitiam. Plenty of his products familiar kopitiam scenes, available in the form of washi tapes, stickers, and paintings to name a few. Besides kopitiam items, Jack also has other local designs such as nasi lemak, durian, and even an Asian mum series. As an avid succulent lover, Jack is currently also pursuing succulent projects, where he teams up succulents with creative potting, and you can also purchase those as well. To get some of his adorable designs for yourself, check out his Shopee page at shopee.com.my/jacktus.art.

Image credits: shopee.com.my/jacktus.art

4) @wenyea

@wenyea is an illustrator with her artwork featured prominently through paintings, print-on stickers and notepads. At time of writing, she’s focusing on a wildflower and matcha series. She also has a strong interest in journalling, where you can also check out her journalling posts on Instagram. Most of it details day-to-day happenings entailing simple yet vivid illustrations. To order or make a purchase, send her a DM on her Instagram account!

Image credits: @wenyea

5) @__bluebean

Bluebean, otherwise known as Angela, is an artist and book illustrator. She draws her inspiration mostly from the beauty and harmony of nature, and she loves to create whimsical stories with quirky characters. You can discover postcards, pins, figurines,and other illustrations. Besides her Instagram, you can also check out her website at bluebeanillustration.com, or purchase her items on Shopee.

Image credits: bluebeanillustration.com

6) @reiyap.lk

Rei paints postcards and greeting cards, where you can view her collection on her Instagram page. Most of them are of landscapes (cityscapes) and outdoor views, though you can also find one or two nature-themed illustrations here and there. Stickers are available as well, so check out her Instagram page for more info on where you can make your purchases!

Image credits: @reiyap.lk

7) @limzhilin

From washi tapes and stickers to artbooks and pins, you can find them all on her Instagram page. Also going by Artsyberry, @limzhilin is an illustrator/designer, and you can find her products on various platforms including some stationery shops, or her website here. Most of her artwork features characters or animals, and they’re all absolutely adorable! Be sure to check out her Instagram page to view the full range of her artwork and for the latest updates!

Image credits: chub.my/collections/artsyberry

8) @whimsywhimsical

Yee Von focuses on whimsical woodland-inspired stationery and illustrations, and she actually started out with a mini collection of notecards featuring foxes and rabbits. Today, her products have grown to encompass a range of paper goods, not just with notecards, but also greeting cards, invitations, art prints, stickers and gift tags. You can check out her prints and collections on her website at whimsywhimsical.com.my! Her Instagram page is full of woodland-creature-inspired artwork, which are all adorable!

Image credits: whimsywhimsical.com.my