8 Lamest Excuses for Break Up

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Feelings come and go. Break ups in relationships are quite a normal thing which we encounter in our everyday life. However, these are the 8 worse reasons for a break up. Just be honest and tell your partner that you don’t like him or her anymore, would you?

1) Busy

“I’m too busy with work, hence I do not have enough time for a relationship.”

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

2) Not Ready for Commitment

“I am not ready for a commitment at the moment.”

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Image Credit: The Guardian

3) I’m Not Good Enough

“The problem does not lie with you, it’s my problem. I am not good enough for you.”

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4) Illness

“I am terminally ill and I do not want to burden you for the rest of your life.”

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5) Financially Not Stable

“I am financially not stable, and not suitable to be together with you.”

Image Credit: www.mirror.co.uk
Image Credit: www.mirror.co.uk

6) Parents

“My parents do not like you very much, so I have to break up with you.”

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Image Credit: Reader’s Digest

7) Sexual Preference

“I just realized my sexual preference has changed.”

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8) Focus on my studies

” I do not want any distraction and i want to focus on my studies.”

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Stop giving these lame excuses for breakup. Just say you want to breakup because you don’t like him or her anymore!