8 Ice Kacang Spots To Try In Klang Valley

Call it “ice kacang”, or ABC (Ais Batu Campur). Whichever way you like to address this old-school local dessert, there’s just something about the ice kacang that makes it such a timeless favourite. Gula Melaka and rose syrup, evaporated milk, peanuts, red beans, sweet corn… you name it, this dessert is full of variety within the shaved ice! Some even come with an ice cream topping too! So, if you absolutely love ice kacang, here is a list of 8 Ice Kacang Spots To Try In Klang Valley.

1) Gerai Minum Weng Kee @ Stall 46, Medan Selera Jalan Othman (PJ Old Town)

Otherwise fondly known as Auntie Peggy’s Classic, this famous PJ dessert stall is no stranger to serving old-school ice kacang. And it’s reasonably priced too, where you’ll get a bowl of finely-shaved ice drizzled with thick Gula Melaka syrup. Dig deeper, and you’ll discover more bite-sized goodies such as sweet corn and roasted peanuts. Other than her classic Ice Kacang, you can also opt for the rose syrup or Bu Bu (Bubur) Cha Cha shaved ice varieties.

Ice Kacang @ Gerai Minum Weng Kee, Stall 46 (Medan Selera Jalan Othman PJ Old Town)
Image Credit: @leoyap725

2) Kwong Wah Ice Kacang @ Happy Mansion, PJ

No doubt that the Happy Mansion neighbourhood is largely dominated by modern cafes. This makes Kwong Wah Ice Kacang seems like an odd one out, with the shop generally selling traditional desserts and local foods such as nasi lemak and Nyonya kuih. But Kwong Wah Ice Kacang isn’t your average dessert shop, especially given its decades-long brand recognition since 1958.

It’s easy to see why their signature ice kacang stands the test of time even until today. The mountain heap of shaved ice has a smooth texture that gives it a nice mouthfeel upon each spoonful. Coupled with authentic Gula Melaka syrup and evaporated milk, this combination adds a flavourful boost to the ice kacang. And not to forget their assorted fillings such as sweet corn, grass jelly and roasted peanuts — most of which are made in-house.

Ice Kacang @ Kwong Wah Ice Kacang, Happy Mansion in PJ
Image Credit: @chrishar89

3) Fatty Loong ABC Ais Kacang @ Restoran Penang Corner, Jalan Kepong Baru

Fatty Loong a.k.a. Fei Zai Long’s signature ice kacang has its own large fanbase. And here’s why: the shaved ice isn’t the usual coarse type but more of an easy-to-slip-into-mouth, smooth texture. They don’t skimp on the ingredients too, with thick Gula Melaka syrup doused all over the shaved ice. Fans of ice kacang will be delighted with generous fillings like red beans, grass jelly, cendol and even Nata de coco jelly.

Ice Kacang @ Fatty Loong ABC Ice Kacang at Restoran Penang Corner, Jalan Kepong Baru
Image Credit: @sionyond

4) May-May Ais Kacang @ Kepong Baru, KL

Here’s another recommended stall at Kepong Baru famous for its ice kacang dessert. The mountain-high shaved ice comes loaded with Gula Melaka syrup and colourful fillings like peanuts, sweet corns and cendol strands. You can enjoy the ice kacang as it is or request for a scoop of ice cream on top of the shaved ice.

Ice Kacang @ May-May ABC Ais Kacang at Kepong Baru, KL
Image Credit: @patrickccf

5) Ah Keong’s Ais Kacang Stall @ Brickfields, KL

Located next to 7-Eleven behind YMCA of Kuala Lumpur Hostel, this dessert stall has been around since over a decade. They sell cendol and of course, their signature ice kacang dessert. You’ll get a bowl of evaporated milk-doused shaved ice with mixed varieties like sweet corn, grass jelly and red beans. And best of all, their shaved ice has a smooth and fine texture.

Ice Kacang @ Ah Keong's Ais Kacang Stall at Brickfields, KL
Image Credit: @adventurewitfood

6) 939 ABC Ice House @ Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Looking for some ice-cold dessert treat at Seri Kembangan? Here’s one for you: the 939 ABC Ice House. They serve various kinds of shaved ice here, ranging from ice kacang to fruity ice. Their version of ice kacang comes with colourful morsels of jelly cubes, roasted peanuts, red beans, grass jelly and more. The shaved ice, in the meantime, has a reasonably fine texture that complements well with the rest of the bite-sized ingredients.

Ice Kacang @ 939 ABC Ice House at Seri Kembangan, KL
Image Credit: @evateoh2810

7) ABC No. 22 Kedai Batu @ Kampung Pandan, KL

For just RM 2.50 a bowl, you can enjoy this ice kacang dessert that comes with generous portions of syrup-filled shaved ice and assorted morsels buried underneath. You have the usual suspects here, namely sweet corn, red beans, cendol and jelly beans.

Ice Kacang @ ABC No. 22 Kedai Batu at Kampung Pandan, KL
Image Credit: @ABCKedaiBatu22

8) Dapuq Utara @ Jinjang Selatan, KL

The word “mountain” is best described for Dapuq Utara’s signature ice kacang dessert. Or better known as ABC Gunung Everest. Perfect for sharing, this towering ice kacang dessert has everything here. This includes lots of colourful sweet syrup and evaporated milk engulfed the mountain-high shaved ice. Upon each spoonful, you’ll find delicious morsels like sweet corn, cendol and red beans mixed all together in a bowl.

Ice Kacang @ Dapuq Utara at Jinjang Selatan, KL
Image Credit: @dapuqutara.kl