8 Hotels In Malaysia That Are Closing Due To The Pandemic

Hotel room and interior

By now, we’re all familiar with Covid-19 and the situation we’re currently in. Social distancing, staying home and being in quarantine was a harsh measure, but a necessary one. However, due to this, it also meant that many businesses suffered great losses. One sector that was hit especially hard is the hotel industry. To date, we’ve discovered 8 hotels in Malaysia that are closing due to the pandemic, and these are the hotels. Some of them will only be closing temporarily, but some will be shut down permanently.

1) Jazz Hotel, Penang

Jazz Hotel in Penang is temporarily suspending hotel operations until 31st July 2020. They will reopen from 1st August 2020 onwards, and bookings can be made from that day forth as well. The hotel is young, having only opened its doors in January 2019. Befitting its name, its 255 rooms are decked out with jazz-themed designs reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s.

Jazz Hotel in Penang
Image Credit: roadtrippers.asia

2) Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites; Ipoh, Perak

First started operating in 2012, Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites has also ceased operations. Even as the hotel deals with a financial crisis, it is unclear if this is a temporary or a permanent measure. As its name suggests, the hotel faces the Kinta River, and is one of the better-known hotels in Ipoh.

Kinta Riverfront Hotel and Suites in Ipoh, Perak
Image Credit: agoda.com

3) Ramada Plaza, Malacca

The Ramada Plaza Melaka Hotel, previously known as Renaissance Melaka, will officially cease operations by 1st July 2020. According to a statement, the hotel will be closed indefinitely, and it remains unclear if it will reopen its doors again. This hotel is illustrious, having been there since 1981.

Lobby of Ramada Plaza Melaka
Image Credit: agoda.com

4) Jerejak Island Resort, Penang

According to a statement on its website, the resort is temporarily halting operations till 31st July 2020. Just like Jazz Hotel, they will reopen on 1st August 2020, and visitors are welcome to make bookings for August and beyond. Dubbed a “forgotten island”, Jerejak is actually an islet off the east coast of Penang.

View from Jerejak Island Resort, Penang
Image Credit: agoda.com

5) Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments; Ipoh, Perak

Tower Regency is somewhat of a favourite fixture locally, as several business conferences as well as political meetings and gatherings were held there since it started operating in 2009. For the past few years, the hotel has suffered losses, and the recent pandemic was the last straw. Therefore, the management has decided to close the hotel.

Tower Regency Hotel in Ipoh, Perak
Image Credit: thestar.com.my

6) G City Club Hotel, KL

After a decade of operations, the G City Club Hotel in KL is shutting down. In recent years, it faced competition from new hotels, as well as homestays that sprung up liberally. To make matters worse, there were also ongoing roadworks and construction of the LRT, which led to even lower occupancy rates.

G City Club Hotel, KL
Image Credit: booking.com

7) Hotel Penaga, Penang

According to its website, “Hotel Penaga houses a collection of uniquely imagined pre-war terrace houses turned into warm and engaging heritage boutique property.” Just like the other hotels in Penang, they too, are suspending operations till 31st July 2020. Operations will resume on 1st August 2020, and bookings can be made from then on as well.

Hotel Penaga in Penang
Image Credit: agoda.com

8) Syeun Hotel; Ipoh, Perak

Syeun Hotel is closing down permanently, no thanks to the pandemic. Its last day will be on 31st May 2020. The hotel is decked out in a neo-classical theme, and reminds one of the best of old Ipoh architecture. It also has a long history, having opened its doors in 1993.

Syeun Hotel in Ipoh, Perak
Image Credit: booking.com