8 Habits “Successful” People Do Daily

The year is drawing to a close once again, and with it comes plenty of sentiment for the whole year. How did you think 2019 went for you? Eventful; full of ups and downs; pretty great; or it sucked? It hasn’t escaped our notice that every single year, people complain about how bad the year was, and they’re looking forward to the new year. At the end of the next year, they complain again. It’s a pretty unhealthy cycle, and we’ve decided to put out some tips – little changes you can make in your life to ensure that you’ll be more “successful”. Of course, “success” is different to each person, but you can adopt these 8 habits “successful” people do daily anyway! Let’s go!

1) Power Down/Me Time

Sure, they look like they have a lot to do, and 24 hours a day isn’t nearly enough for them. But what you see isn’t the whole picture. Hustlin’ and getting stuff done is important, but so is “me time”. Being able to power down and spending some time with yourself in solitude and silence is actually a crucial part of life, because you don’t want to be too connected to everything else. When you set aside time for yourself, you can reflect – practice gratitude, reflection, meditation, focused thinking… it’s actually an anchor for you to be your best self.

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2) Rise Early

Put it this way: the earlier you get up, the more time you have to get things done. The more time you have to get things done, the more in control you feel over your life. Rising early isn’t just a great way to instill self-discipline, but it’s also a great way to be productive. Killing more than two birds with one stone, you could even use the extra time to fit in a workout, or actually prepare a balanced breakfast before you start the day!

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3) Be Healthy

Your body is your tool, your instrument. In order for it to function optimally, it must first be at its best. Take a good look at your lifestyle right now. What food are you consuming on a regular basis? Are you getting enough water daily? What about being active? Besides physical health, there’s also mental and emotional health to care for. What are your stress levels like? Is there any form of toxicity you should be cutting out or minimising in your life? It’s crucial to monitor your lifestyle from time to time, and ensure that you are healthy overall.

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4) Organise, Have A Routine, Set Goals

Well, you don’t have to have every minute and every second mapped out, but it’s good to know what you’ll be doing for the day, or maybe for the week. Instead of flitting from task to task every time something crops up, prioritise. Know what’s “urgent”, “important” and “menial”. It also helps if you have a routine you can stick to regularly as you progress through a work day, such as: check and reply emails, schedule meetings, make payments, clear urgent tasks… and also, this has probably been said a thousand times, but setting goals could very well be your first step to success. Set SMART goals – you can Google that!

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5) Adapt

That said, not everything will always go according to your plans, because accidents can happen, things can change, and no one is in control of the world. When unexpected things happen, do your best to adapt to the current situation and make the best out of it. Whether it’s a delayed meeting or a cancelled project, you can choose how to react, and derive positive results nevertheless. It’s called positivity and resilience!

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6) Sharing

The greatest people are the humblest. And they don’t mind sharing, whether it’s their success stories, knowledge, or part of their wealth. If you look at it carefully, we exist in a cycle and a balance. We inspire, learn from, and trade with each other. The best way to improve sometimes isn’t by taking, but giving. Sometimes, the more you give, the more you’ll receive in return. Your wealth is the same. You can’t bring it with you to the afterlife, and there are so many more unfortunate people who could use your help. You don’t have to be at the top to share; you can share with what you have at the moment, and work your way to the top as you go along.

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7) Reading/Learning

There’s so much to learn in this world that a whole lifetime wouldn’t be enough. Which is why constant improvement and personal development should be an ongoing process. The biggest trap is thinking that you already know it all, or that your current knowledge and skillset is sufficient for what you’re doing. We’re not saying you have to read a certain amount of books in a certain time, but it’s good to pick up a book that can benefit you and let it trigger some thoughts, at least. Otherwise, YouTube is a pretty good place too – you can find all sorts of videos there, but just be careful you don’t end up watching unrelated videos into the wee hours of the night.

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8) Sleep

Last but not least, you have to go to sleep early, if you want to wake up early (see no. 2). There’s also been a sleep crisis going on, where people go to bed really late, and sometimes wake up really early. Or not. The point is, if you don’t sleep, not only will all your mental faculties be sluggish, but over time it can cause fatigue, exhaustion and even death. And no, sleep cannot be replaced. With a good night’s rest everyday, you’ll find yourself more alert and productive throughout the day!

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Hopefully you’ll be able to implement a few (if not all) of these habits, and start your year right! And hopefully no complaints about 2020 the next year end too! Happy New Year, guys!