8 Freak Accidents Around The World

Accidents can happen anywhere to anyone regardless of any time of the day. Some are due to carelessness or recklessness, while others are plain bizarre. Here are 8 freak accidents that occurred around the world.

1) Death By… Carrot Juice

These orange edible roots are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients. You can eat them raw as a crunchy snack or cut the carrots into pieces and stir-fry them with other vegetables/meat/rice dishes. Just when you thought carrots seem like harmless vegetables, there was a bizarre case that people do die from consuming carrots. Or more appropriately, carrot juice. It happened in London in February 1974 when a 48-year-old health food enthusiast named Basil Brown consumed around a gallon of carrot juice over the course of a 10-day period. That is about 3.78 litres per day! The cause of his death was due to liver failure caused by Vitamin A poisoning. Now you know the saying “eat in moderation” is very important!

Image Credit: fitbodybuzz.com

2) A Florida Man Choked To Death After Eating Live Cockroaches

This is like a “Fear Factor” gone wrong. In 2012, a 32-year-old West Palm Beach resident named Edward Archbold died after downing dozens of live cockroaches in a contest… just to win a python. According to the Broward County medical examiner’s report, his death was a result of “asphyxia due to choking and aspiration of gastric contents”. The autopsy also reported that “arthropod body parts” were blocking his airway.

Image Credit: livescience.com

3) Cow Crashes Through Roof And Kills A Sleeping Brazillian Man

In 2013, a 45-year-old Brazilian man named Joan Maria de Souza from Caratinga was unexpectedly killed by a “falling cow”. He was reportedly asleep next to his wife when the freak accident took place. According to The Telegraph, it was believed that the 3,000-pound (1,360 kg) cow escaped from a nearby farm in Caratinga and climbed onto the corrugated roof of the couple’s house. The wife and the cow were miraculously unharmed but Joan died the next day due to internal bleeding.

Image Credit: independent.co.uk

4) A Newlywed And Father-To-Be Motorcyclist Is Decapitated Due To A Falling Tension Wire

This freak accident happened in San Bernardino when a 27-year-old newlywed motorcyclist named Fabian Zepeda was riding his motorcycle one morning. He was reportedly heading south on Macy Street when a man driving a Ford Taurus lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a wooden utility pole. It then caused the tension wire to fall across the roadway and ended up decapitating Fabian. According to Mercury News report, “he was knocked off the motorcycle as it continued down Macy Street until it crashed at Highland Avenue.” Fabian, who married Vanessa Quintana in June 2016, was going to be a father after expecting their first child in January 2017.

Image Credit: newser.com

5) A Ukrainian Chemistry Student Was Killed Due To Exploding Bubble Gum

No, this is not one of the scenes from the first “Mission: Impossible” movie where Tom Cruise uses a piece of exploding chewing gum to fend off his enemies. But the “exploding (chewing) bubble gum” did happen in 2009 when a 25-year-old Ukrainian chemistry student named Vladimir Likhonos became the unfortunate victim of a freak accident. According to the police spokeswoman Elvira Biganova, Vladimir “accidentally dipped the gum into explosives he was using for studies”. She also revealed that he “mistook the powder for citric acid”, hoping to increase the gum’s taste. The explosion on the gum caused his jaw to be blown off completely and tore off half of his face.

Image Credit: care2.com

6) A Co-Owner Of A Wool Mill Died Of Suffocation After Wrapped In Yarn

A ball of yarn is supposed to be harmless. Even cats and kittens love to play with it. But in August 1987, a 47-year-old co-owner of a wool mill in Connecticut named Paul G. Thomas became an unfortunate victim while operating a pin-wheel dresser machine. According to the state police dispatcher Robert Reichel, he “fell onto the small spool” which in turn, suffocated himself to death after being wrapped by 800 yards of yarn.

Image Credit: yarnsetc.com

7) An Austrian Man Killed By His Own Beard

You wouldn’t have expected that a person could kill himself by his own beard. But in 1567, Hans Steininger became that unfortunate victim when he reportedly tripped on his beard while trying to escape from a fire that broke out in the small Austrian town of Braunau am Inn. How is this even possible? Apparently, Steininger’s beard happened to be unusually long at an astonishing 4.5 feet!

Image Credit: allthatinteresting.com

8) A Manchester Teenager Died From Deodorant Fumes

Deodorants are meant to make your body smell good. They are also designed to minimise body odours. But in 1998, a 16-year-old teenager named Jonathan Capewell from Oldham in Greater Manchester died from deodorant fumes. The autopsy subsequently revealed that he had “10 times the lethal dosage of propane and butane in his blood”. The teenager was also reportedly “obsessed with personal hygiene and smelling fresh” that he would “spray his entire body with deodorant at least two times per day”. His death was “believed to be the first by accidental inhalation in the country (UK)”.

Image Credit: dailymail.co.uk