8 Food To Avoid Before Flying

Travelling is supposed to be fun and exciting. But sometimes if you are not careful enough, it can ruin your experience. This is particularly evident when comes to flying. Since flying occurs at a high altitude, our bodies tend to respond differently. Which is why the type of foods or drinks that we consume can make or break your whole trip. So, prior to your flight, here are 8 Food To Avoid Before Flying.

1) Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages — regardless of beer, wine, liquor or cocktails — are generally a bad idea before flights, particularly if you tend to drink more than a glass. Here’s why: alcohol causes dehydration. Coupled with the stale dry air that we all breathe in an airplane, it is basically a recipe for disaster. And by disaster, don’t be surprised to find yourself feeling tired and cranky.

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2) Carbonated Beverages

We all know the bad consequences of drinking a can of soda. And one of them happens to be bloating and indigestion, making your stomach feeling all gassy and uncomfortable. Now, you do not want to spend most of the time clutching your stomach while flying, right? Not to mention any carbonated beverage is just as dehydrating as an alcoholic drink.

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3) Fast Food

Words like “bloating”, “indigestion” and “stomach upset” are commonly associated with the consumption of fast food meals. This includes everything from deep-fried chicken, fries, nuggets, burgers and hot dogs. Yes, they are undoubtedly tempting and easily available at almost everywhere in the city including the airport. But given their high-fat and sodium content, you can definitely imagine the uncomfortable feeling while flying.

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4) Salty Snacks

How can you resist a bag of potato chips? They are crunchy and addictive enough that you might find yourself wiping them clean long before you know it. But here’s the thing about one of these salty snacks: the high-sodium content causes fluid retention and bloating.

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5) Beans

Beans such as baked beans, red beans and mung beans are all high in fiber and protein. Which is actually okay for you to consume but it comes with a catch: beans generally cause excessive gas buildup. It can make your stomach bloat and uncomfortable.

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6) Spicy Food

Most of us Malaysians generally can’t live a day without indulging in spicy food. While local staples like nasi lemak, nasi kandar and curry noodles are tempting, keep in mind that anything spicy might trigger heartburn or acid reflux. Not to mention some spicy food can make your stomach feel unpleasant.

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7) Cruciferous Vegetables

Sure, it is always encouraging to “eat your greens”. Isn’t what most of our moms used to say to us when we were a kid? Vegetables are good and packed with lots of vitamins and minerals. But if you are boarding a flight, be mindful of the kind of vegetables you chose to eat. This is especially true with the cruciferous vegetables (e.g. broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, bok choy, radishes). They are particularly difficult to digest and may lead to bloating, indigestion and stomach pain.

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8) Garlic

Garlic is no doubt one of the kitchen staples that help to enhance the flavour of food. But as you know, garlic can cause bad breath. And get this: Garlic has sulfuric compounds that permeate through your skin and bloodstream. Which means you might end up with an unpleasant body odour and given the fact that the space of an airplane is tight means whoever sits next to you isn’t going to feel — well — uncomfortable.

Image Credit: medicalnewstoday.com