8 Effective Ways to Overcome Monday Blues

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Monday, the day most Malaysians dread! Commonly referred to as “Monday Blues”, it is a chronic condition whereby an individual has the feelings of worry, frustrations, sadness and lack of energy to face 1st working day of the week. This is especially so when you are in job that you are not passionate about. However, we all need a job to pay the bills, support a family and to fund our lifestyle. Hence, let’s have a look at eight (8) ways to overcome Monday Blues and to make Monday a bit more bearable!

1) Monday is Funday

Why must Fridays be reserved as the “Funday” of the working week? Try to schedule something fun on Mondays. This can range from hosting a Boardgame session with colleagues during lunch hour to even going for a karaoke session after work. After all, if you are singing your lungs out, you can’t possible feel sad!

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2) Lunch-Dates

No, not lunch dates in a romantic context. Instead of eating at your desk, try to gather a few colleagues and close pals and have lunch together. Not only it’s a perfect way to socialize, but you may end up trying a new restaurant or a new type of cuisine!

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3) Leave Early to Office

While most of us prefer to hit the snooze button on our alarm clocks to grab an extra 5 to 10 minutes of sleep, why not leave a bit early and avoid the peak hour traffic. By having a smooth sailing journey to work, you won’t start off the day in a bad and grumpy mood.

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4) Take a Walk

What do you do immediately after lunch on Mondays? My guess would be head straight back to office and continue work. Instead of doing so, why not take a 10 to 15 minutes’ walk around the office block?  It’s been scientifically proven that some form of exercise triggers the body to release the “feel-good” hormones (i.e endorphins). This means that you will be able to head back to work in a more uplifting and feel-good manner!

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5) Celebrations

Is a colleague’s or friend’s birthday coming up during the week? Or how about a family member’s graduation or even your own anniversary? If yes, scheduling a post-work celebration will allow you to look forward to the end of the working day. Celebrate on Mondays and chances are, it will leave you in a joyful mood to take on the remainder of the working week.

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6) Add Colour Your Office Attire

Monday blues does not mean you are not allowed to wear your favourite office attire. Instead of going with the standard white and black office attire, try to wear some bright colours to brighten up your working day!

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7) Begin with  Enjoyment Task

Mondays usually mean a long To-Do List that needs to be completed. Instead of starting with the hardest task, try starting with the task that brings you the most pleasure. By doing so, not only would you have crossed-out a few of the To-Do List items, but you would have the momentum to execute the rest of the tasks.

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8) Treat Yourself

If all else doesn’t work, try to treat yourself at the end of Monday. Whether its eating your favourite (and sinful) food, or shopping, go ahead and do it! If it means it will brighten up your week, you have perfectly good reason to treat yourself!

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