8 Best Vegetables That Are Ideal For Juicing

When it comes to juicing, the first thing in most people’s minds are fruits. But juicing vegetables are just as nutritious and the good thing about them is that you can mix-and-match them with any other fruits and vegetables. Here are 8 Best Vegetables That Are Ideal For Juicing the next time you want to make juice at home.

1) Beetroots

These taproot vegetables are known for their nutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, iron and potassium. You can boil, roast, steam or even juice them into a liquid that has a distinctive red wine-like colour. Some of the benefits that you will get from consuming beetroot juice include boosting your stamina, improving blood flow and even promoting skin health. Keep in mind that drinking undiluted beetroot juice can be unpleasant for some people due to its concentration. So, if you can’t stand drinking pure beetroot juice, your best option is to add in other vegetables like cucumbers and carrots to help with the strong taste.

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2) Broccoli

Broccoli is typically served as a cooked vegetable but… drinking them as a juice? The thought of it may be a turn-off for most people since the idea of consuming raw broccoli juice spells nothing but “unpleasant”. Thankfully, there’s a better way to drink broccoli juice by sweetening it with fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and pears. Regular consumption of broccoli juice can benefit you in the long run with its high vitamin-K content, which helps to strengthen your bones and teeth as well as playing a key role in assisting blood clot. Broccoli juice is also packed with vitamin A, which helps improve your overall immune system while carotenoids found in these flower-head vegetables are responsible for promoting eye health.

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3) Cabbage

Hate munching on chewy cabbage? Your next best alternative is to drink it instead. With 95% water content, cabbage is no doubt an ideal vegetable for juicing purposes! While drinking cabbage juice doesn’t sound exactly appetising, you can enhance its flavour with the likes of apples, carrots, cucumbers and honeydew. Drinking cabbage juice not only keeps you well-hydrated but its rich source of vitamin C can boost your overall immune system as well. It also helps promote digestive health and weight loss by disposing excess waste from your intestines.

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4) Carrot

When it comes to juicing vegetables, carrots are one of the most common and popular choice of all. These orange-coloured root vegetables are versatile enough since you can juice them on their own or blend them with other fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, celery, lemon and ginger. They are amazingly rich in vitamin A, which is crucial for improving your eye health while its high fiber content helps to regulate healthy bowel movement. Carrot juice is also packed with antioxidant properties, which benefits you by maintaining a healthy skin glow.

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5) Celery

Did you know that celery has a high water content at 95 percent? That makes it perfect enough for juicing and like most vegetable juices, celery is best added with other fruits and vegetables. Drinking celery juice on a regular basis offers the amazing benefits of potassium, which promotes heart health as well as contributing to a better digestive system. Upon juicing, it is best to juice the whole celery (yes, that includes its leafy greens) together in order to get the most out of its nutritional content.

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6) Cucumber

Similar to celery, cucumbers boast a 95% water content and they serve as an excellent base for juicing purposes. The good thing about juicing cucumber juice is that you can drink it on its own, thanks to its naturally refreshing taste. But if you want to make your cucumber juice more appetising, feel free to blend in others like apples, lemons, ginger and mint leaves. Frankly, the choice is almost endless. Drinking cucumber juice helps to promote brain health while its high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidant properties ensure your immune system is well-maintained.

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7) Kale

Juicing leafy green vegetables like kale offers tons of health benefits, thanks to its vitamin and mineral-rich contents. This includes a high source of vitamin K, which is particularly crucial in strengthening your bone health. Weight watchers may want to consider adding kale juice to their diet due to its low calorie count. Likewise, if drinking kale juice alone sounds discouraging for you, just add in other fruits and vegetables to help improve the flavour.

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8) Spinach

It has been a favourite for Popeye and it’s definitely not make-believe to trick the kids in consuming more spinach. These common leafy vegetables actually pack a few punches with rich sources of vitamins A, C and E. It also contains healthy minerals like calcium, iron and protein — all essential nutrients to keep you strong and healthy. If eating spinach is off-putting for you, try juicing them with the likes of apples and carrots.

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