7 Ways You Can Choose Fashion That Saves The Earth

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The climate crisis has raised a lot of concerns and highlighted a lot of problems with the way we handle trash. We just have too much trash. This has led to acts such as the ban of single use plastics. But if you are wondering what else you can do then this is the article for you. Here are 8 tips on making sustainable fashion choices.

1. 30 Wears Test

Do you ever go through your closet and find a piece of clothing that you just never wear? It was super cute when you bought it but you just never find the right occasion to wear it. Next time you go shopping, perform the 30 wears test by asking yourself seriously “would I wear this at least 30 times?” By ensuring you wear it at least 30 times you can make full use of clothes which leads to less wastefulness.

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2. Shop Vintage Fashion

We all know that fashion repeats itself and a lot of vintage styles are coming back into style. Which is why shopping vintage is so easy. There are a lot of thrift shops around that you can find with a quick Google search. Shopping vintage allows old clothes in good conditions to receive a second life.

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3. Upcycle

You love the fabric and pattern of something but it just doesn’t fit or you’re bored with how it looks. That’s when you upcycle! Upcycling is the process of taking a piece of clothing and turning it into something new and different. A button up shirt could become a skirt, or a t-shirt could become a crop top. Your jeans that are too loose could become denim shorts!

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4. Go For Timeless Fashion

Don’t max out your budget on clothing pieces that are only good for certain occasions or weathers. If you live in a country with hot weather then don’t buy thick and heavy clothing. Stick to pieces that can be worn anywhere like plain t-shirts, jeans, jackets, leggings and classic dresses.

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5. Stay Informed On Sustainable Fashion

Put in the extra effort to read up on which brands are moving to sustainable processes to create their clothes. Also look out for what type of materials are the best. For example, organic cotton uses far less water to produce. It also does not require any pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and Genetically Modified Organisms. This is great because these chemicals are harmful to the farmers and workers, us the consumers, and of course the environment.

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6. Donate Your Clothes

Instead of throwing all your unwanted clothes away, go through them and see which are still in good condition. You can then put these aside and donate them. There are various types of ways to donate them. You could give them to someone you know that needs clothes. Another alternative is putting them in those big bins where they are taken to repurpose the materials.

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7. Quality Over Quantity 

When shopping for clothes try to look out for the best quality that you can afford. Higher quality products will be able to last you longer. This is especially great for those pieces you know you wear all the time. Choosing better quality fashion is great for the environment and your purse!

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It’s never too late to start making good choices that can help with the environment. It might feel like a small step but it can bring about good change. Try to incorporate small steps even if it’s once in a while.