7 Types of Malaysian Cabbies that Drive Us Insane

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Remember the days before Uber and GrabCar where we used to flag down taxis manually like a prehistoric cavemen? While most of these old-school experiences were actually pleasant, some rotten eggs really did rustle our collective jimmies, especially when encountering these 7 types of Malaysian Cabbies that drive us insane.

1. Gang up on the passengers

Drivers that don’t use meters aren’t uncommon, but in some places they even gang up on you. Trying to refuse a cabbie who charged you 3 times the actual fare? Here’s another one that charges you double! What a steal!

malaysian cabbies
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2. Doesn’t know how to get to the destination.

While it’s understandable that our roads aren’t the most thoughtfully designed, it’s frustrating to hear “Macam mana mau pigi ini tempat,” the moment you stepped into the cab. Well if I know every small intersections in PJ, I would have been a cab driver myself, good sir.

malaysian cabbies
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3. Doesn’t want to go to the destination

The best they would do is to ask you to go to the next cab in line so you can get refused the second time.

malaysian cabbies

4. Doesn’t accept big notes.

Well they wouldn’t actually reject your money, but they’d do it every so reluctantly with a very loud passive-aggressive grunt.

malaysian cabbies
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5. Asks for extra fare for multitude of reasons

This is akin to the tipping system in MyTeksi and GrabCar, except that they might ask you right before the end of the journey, like a M Night’s plot twist.

malaysian cabbies
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6. Drive dangerously

Perhaps they are just big GTA fans who think that the law of physics doesn’t apply to the real world either.

malaysian cabbies
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7. Rude, creepy, or sexually harassing the passengers

Again, this might be a minority case but it’s still happening, especially since they are most likely to get away with it (good luck reporting anything to their respective companies).

malaysian cabbies
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