7 Tips to Pick A Pure Breed Musang King Durian

Image Credit: Garden Collage

Musang King / Mao Shan Wong (猫山王) / Raja Kunyit is the most sought after, loved and expensive of all the durian varieties, selling at twice the price of a normal type of durian. While there is no question about the Musang King’s allure, identifying the real McCoy may sometimes be challenging. Here are the tips to identify a pure breed Musang King:

Musang King
2015 Price List from Wai Durian Stall in SS2 (Source: yearofthedurian.com)

1) Shell Colour

It has a brownish-grey exterior. Often the coloration will change between the tips of the spikes and the base.

Musang King
Image Credit: edvinteo.com

2) The Shape

It has a bean-like shape; well you can also say it looks like a kidney, a pear or an egg.

Image Credit: blog.saimatkong.com
Image Credit: blog.saimatkong.com

3) Spike Density

Spikes are broad and blunt. They are pyramidal in shape instead of conical and set fairly far apart.

Musang King
Image Credit: everydaydurian.com

4) The Crown

Look out for the shape of the band connecting the stem to the fruit – it’s called the Crown. Brownish and relatively bald, there is a gap between the Crown and where the spikes begin.

Musang King
Image Credit: yearofthedurian.com

5) The Seam

It has a unique 5-arm starfish with long slender arms that runs from the bottom of the shell to the side of the durian.

Musang King
Image Credit: 30bananasaday.com

6) The Fruit

Its thick, deep golden yellow fruit is rich and creamy like toasted marshmallow. It comes with slight bitter sweet notes and emits a sharp, pungent smell.

Musang King
Image Credit: flickr.com

7) The Seed

Check if they are flat, tiny and oddly shaped.

Musang King
Image Credit: blog.saimatkong.com

Musang King enthusiasts, now you you have all the tips to pick a pure breed durian! What are you waiting for?