7 Things Malaysians Who Have Been To Singapore Can Relate To

7 Things Malaysians Who Have Been To Singapore Can Relate To
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Everyone knows Malaysia and Singapore were one same nation back in the days. We can say the two countries are almost the same culturally, however Malaysians who have been to Singapore will tell you that these two counties are ‘same-same-but-different’.  Here are 7 things Malaysians who have been to Singapore can relate to.

1) Why does the food taste different?

Seemingly, both Singapore and Malaysia have similar food. But not until you taste them. No Malaysians would ever agree that Bak Kut Teh should tastes pepper-ish and Wan Tan Mee should tastes (so) sweet.

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2) Driving in Singapore is…boring.

Malaysians who have drove to (in) Singapore will tell you that driving in Singapore is so dreadful. We all have the urge to step on the gas pedal REAL hard, thanks to the speed limit and the never ending speed cameras on the roads of Singapore.

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3) I never thought that my legs could do so much walking in my life.

It is somehow better to travel around in Singapore by taking the MRT. This also means that walking is required. To a certain extent you never knew that your legs could do so much walking, EVER.

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4) Why the taxi drivers like to talk so much?

If you have ever taken a taxi in Singapore, you would have noticed that the taxi drivers in Singapore are exceptionally ‘friendly’. Well, sometimes they talk too much.

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5) What is wrong with the Singapore law?

To be 100% obedient is something that Malaysians struggle a lot. And Singapore makes it worst with all that crazy strict rules. Did you know that you are prohibited from drinking water in the MRT. Give me a break!



6) Chill Lah Singaporeans!

No doubt Singapore is more advanced and competitive. But the fast-paced country breeds a more ‘kiasu’ society. Chill lah Singaporeans. Learn how to relax like us 😀

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7) I wish Malaysia is so clean and safe

But all credit and salute to the government of Singapore for keeping Singapore so clean and safe. We wish Malaysia is that clean and safe. Something that we can’t have.

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What other things you can relate when you are at Singapore? Share with us.