7 Stylish Reusable Face Masks in Malaysia To Shop Now

With the number of Covid-19 on the rise in Malaysia today, we can never leave the house without having our mask on! It has become an essential part of our routine. Double-masking has been recommended by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to lower your risk of contracting Covid-19 virus. If you don’t know what double-masking is, double-masking is basically recommended by using a surgical mask on the inside and a cloth mask on the outside which can then reduce the exposure of Covid-19.

Using cute and stylish reusable cloth masks is now a trend and here’s where you can get stylish reusable face masks in Malaysia!


If you’re looking for super cute reusable face masks, you can check out Zarareez as they have all sorts of printed cloth masks. They also have reusable cloth masks for kids that come in many different colourful designs! Kids will not have to fuss over using a mask now! Grab them fast before they run out as they produce them in limited quantities.

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Midnight Seamstress

Yeesien has been making reusable fabric masks from scratch since the first lockdown was imposed in Malaysia. Midnight Seamstress has beautiful handmade pieces of fabric masks that come in limited quantities, sometimes one-and-only pieces! Apart from making adult fabric masks, they have fabric masks for children as well. Other than that, their masks also come with filter pockets.

Image Credit: Midnight Seamstress’ Instagram page

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LTTL focuses on becoming zero waste and they’re on a zero-waste sustainable journey. With every mask made, the excess fabrics used for this mask are recycled! They’re also handmade with love and upon order to reduce waste.

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The Batik Boutique

If you have a thing for batik, you would love the collections by The Batik Boutique. Each of their batik masks is made from comfortable and breathable hand-painted fabric with added filter pockets. They currently have three different mask designs you can choose from depending on which one you prefer. Check out their collections on their website, you’d want them all!

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Canggih Designs

Founded by two new moms, Canggih Designs started as they wanted to give other moms new opportunities to support their families. All collections including reusable fabric masks, handbags, wallets and scarves are handmade with artisans in villages all around Sabah. Every time you purchase something from them, you’ll automatically be giving back to the community.

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Sew Arts

Whether you like single-coloured fabric masks or the ones with designs, you can get both types from Sew Arts. They’re handmade with love! Plus, they’re breathable, lightweight, environmental-friendly, non-toxic and safe for the skin. Besides that, their fabric and filter are in compliance with WHO recommended materials and composition. Just drop them a DM to get yours now!

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Hook Clothing

Love everything floral? Hook Clothing has exactly what you’re looking for! Their beautiful fabric masks come in both adjustable earloop as well as head loop. Their current best seller is their Cosmo Floral Print Face Mask. Browse their website to see their collections. Get your hands on them before they run out!

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