7 Recommended Men’s Plain T-Shirt Brands For Everyday Wear

7 Recommended Men's Plain T-Shirt Brands For Everyday Wear

When comes to the men’s wardrobe essentials, one of the must-have staples in your wardrobe has to be a plain T-shirt. It can be any colour of your choice regardless of white, black, grey and others like green, blue and yellow. Unlike logo or graphic tees, plain T-shirts are easier to mix and match with say, jeans or pants. You can wear it on its own or as an inner layer and best of all, a plain T-shirt never goes out of style. So, here are the 7 Recommended Men’s Plain T-Shirt Brands For Everyday Wear.

1) Uniqlo Supima

If you are a frequent Uniqlo shopper, you will come across a rack that sells the brand’s popular Supima plain tees. They come in varieties of colours, covering from black to white and others like orange, pink, olive and blue. Priced at RM39.90, Uniqlo Supima sports a classic crew-neck look and I like the fact they feel soft and lightweight, thanks to its 100% Supima cotton. Their tees fit reasonably well and feel comfortable around the neck collar as well as the overall body length. You can wear it on its own or layer it with your favourite jacket.

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Uniqlo Supima
Image Credit: uniqlo.com

2) Uniqlo AIRism

Another recommended plain T-shirt from Uniqlo would be their AIRism range. I’ve owned one of their AIRism tees before and I must say it delivered its promise. And that is, the tee’s AIRism fabric not only feels soft and comfortable but also wicks away moisture, making it perfect for our country’s constantly hot and humid weather. Given their lightweight material, Uniqlo AIRism T-shirts are great for layering too minus the bulkiness.

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Uniqlo AIRism
Image Credit: uniqlo.com

3) Uniqlo DRY

With 10 different colours to choose from, there’s something for everyone here that suits their respective preference (even though it would be nice if Uniqlo add more colours). The brand’s DRY Colour Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirts are pretty affordable (RM19.90 apiece), making them popular enough among many customers. They use combined materials of cotton and polyester, which feel light and comfortable. Perfect for our weather, you can wear it on its own or layer it with another clothing item (e.g. a jacket).

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Uniqlo DRY Colour Crew Neck T-Shirt
Image Credit: uniqlo.com

4) Oxwhite

This online-based clothing retailer sells quality clothes at a reasonable price and among Oxwhite’s top sellers include their men’s plain t-shirts. You have a choice of basic or premium tee, where the former is made from 100% cotton. The basic tees are as classic as they get: crew-neck style, regular fit and cotton material that feel soft and lightweight. Colour choices are aplenty too, offering the likes of turquoise green, apricot to the classic off white and dark blue.

Oxwhite’s premium tees, in the meantime, use a combination of 95% premium combed cotton and 5% spandex. The added spandex means your t-shirt not only feels stretchy and comfortable but also lasts longer. Not to mention they are slightly thicker (210GSM) than the basic tees (180GSM), which help to determine their overall fabric stiffness. Most customers who bought either of them were satisfied with their quality.

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Oxwhite Men Basic Tee
Image Credit: oxwhite.com

5) Forest

Here’s a local clothing brand that has been around for decades. Or more specifically, since 1985. Those who are looking for plain T-shirts can look forward to their basic and premium range. Both of their T-shirts use a cotton single jersey, which is known for its overall softness and stretchability. They have different colours to choose from and according to most customer reviews, they find the T-shirts not only fit well but also feel comfortable to wear.

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Forest Premium Weight Cotton T-Shirt
Image Credit: lazada.com.my

6) H&M Slim Fit Premium Cotton T-Shirt

If you don’t want to fork out more money than usual for a plain T-shirt, consider getting this one from H&M. The good news is, their premium varieties use 100% premium cotton. And this type of cotton is known for its better comfort and durability. They are comfortable to put on and fit well while the rounded necklines sit nicely around the necks without feeling restrictive. They offer 14 colours here from the standard black and white to others like turquoise, old rose and dark greige.

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H&M Slim Fit Premium Cotton T-Shirt
Image Credit: hm.com


MUJI’s range of plain T-shirts do not use regular cotton but rather organic varieties since the brand are committed to sustainability practices. For the men’s range, look out for their Indian Cotton Jersey Stitch Crew Neck varieties, offering soft and comfortable tees that are good to wear on their own or for layering purposes.

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Muji Indian Cotton Jersey Stitch Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Image Credit: muji.com

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