7 Popular Diet Myths Debunked

The word “myth” is everywhere and it usually lurks somewhere on the internet and social media. The same also goes with some of the diet myths. Here, we round up a selected list of 7 popular diet myths and debunk them today!

Myth #1: Late-Night Eating Can Cause Weight Gain

Here’s the thing about eating: Whether it’s almost midnight or during the wee hours of the morning, it doesn’t really matter. Except for the fact that habitual night eaters tend to snack on unhealthy foods with high calories (hello, Maggi mee or heading down to the nearest 24-hour mamak restaurant for a greasy meal like roti canai). Even if you do feel hungry late at night, at least make it a habit to snack on healthy foods like a banana, whole-grain crackers with cheese and peanut butter.

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Myth #2: Skipping Meals Promote Weight Loss

Feeling insecure about your own body when you look in the mirror? Some of you might be thinking “the more we eat, the higher the chance we would gain more weight”. So, the logical solution would be eating less or better yet, skip meals whenever we can. Unfortunately, skipping meals actually do you more harm than good since you’ll likely end up feeling sluggish and even develop a mood swing. And the worst-case scenario is that you might be bingeing on more food than usual, particularly when you are hangry!

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Myth #3: Carbs Make You Fat

Sorry to break this to you but not all carbs are bad. In fact, they are actually crucial to fuel your brain and body. The best thing you can do is to consume carbs in moderation and exercise portion control, particularly for processed carbs like white rice, bread and pasta. Also, make it a habit to include more complex carbs in your diet, which are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

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Myth #4: Low-Fat Foods Are Good For Weight Watchers

If you regularly shop for groceries in a supermarket, you will definitely come across numerous food and beverage products with “low-fat” labels. However, the “low-fat” label that you read isn’t exactly as clear-cut as you think. Always read the label thoroughly because some “low-fat” products actually contain more hidden sugar and preservatives.

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Myth #5: Egg Yolks Are Bad For You

You might come across this popular myth about egg yolks having a high cholesterol level and can cause heart disease in the long run. Well, does that really mean we should stick to egg whites and discard the yolks? Unless you are being told by your doctor to lay off egg yolks, consuming the whole egg is actually good for your heart health due to its omega-3 fatty acids and other sources of vitamins and nutrients.

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Myth #6: Only Eat When You Are Hungry

While it may sound like a logical plan for weight watchers, doing so can actually cause the opposite effect. And that is ending up eating more than we should. Not to mention when you are already so hungry, you tend to think irrationally. That means all you care about is finding something that can be stuffed into your mouth — all for the sake of satisfying your hunger pang. Never wait until you feel famished and it’s best to stick to a daily meal routine.

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Myth #7: Juice Cleanse Is Good For Detoxifying Purpose

Thinking of juicing some fruits to help detox your body? Well, there is no apparent scientific evidence to support such a claim. Instead, juice cleanses can actually do you more harm than good since all the important nutrients tend to be eliminated during the juicing process. Best stick to the safer sides of drinking enough water as well as making it a habit of eating nutrient-dense meals and always stay active.

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