7 Places to Order Yummy Alcoholic Desserts in KL & Selangor

alcoholic desserts
Image Credit: Tipsy Bites KL & Thirty One Fine Bakes

Alcohol + dessert = the best of both worlds! Whoever thought of this combination must be a genius. No one’s going to look twice at you if you are gorging yourself on these delicious boozy creations, in fact, they might even join you. From cakes to cookies to choux, I didn’t know there were so many types of dessert you can infuse with alcohol, but I guess, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Time to fulfil your guilty pleasure with this list of the yummiest alcoholic desserts you can find in KL and Selangor.

1) Thirty One Fine Bakes

A bakery kitchen based in Bangsar, Thirty One Fine Bakes pride themselves on making cakes that are delicious yet simple. On one hand, bringing freshness into existing cake flavours while the other, handcrafting new flavours that might or might not include alcohol – the cakes at Thirty One Fine Bakes are mighty fine if we must say so ourselves. With cakes such as Burnt Cheesecake with Whiskey Caramel and Malibu Hummingbird Cake, I’m salivating just by looking at the pictures. They also serve non-alcoholic cakes, so good news to those of you who can’t partake in alcohol, you are not left out!

Baileys Chocolate Cake
Image Credit: Thirty One Fine Bakes Facebook

2) The Alcoholic Baker

As Malaysia’s first artisanal alcoholic cookies, the cheeky and inspired names of The Alcoholic Baker’s cookies definitely leave a strong impression. The three cookie flavours on their menu – The Or-Gasm, The Jack-Off and The Nut Job – are supposedly better than sex. We can’t attest to that but looking at how decadent the cookies are, you are going to be compelled to slide into their DMs. Each cookie looks more pleasurable than the one before, good thing you can order in a box of 6 to satisfy all your cravings!

3) Maclyn

Can anything get more sinful than Maclyn’s signature cake – the Planifolia? It’s a cake with whiskey and then there’s durian too? This is indulgence on a new level especially for durian lovers out there. It is truly a work of art that you can’t miss out on. Look out for other delicious boozy treats such as their Baileys coffee liqueur burnt cheesecake or their recently launched Around The World petit gateaux box where you can sample 4 different cakes including a mini version of the Planifolia. For non-alcoholic cakes, give their bestseller cempedak coconut burnt cheesecake a try!

The Planifolia
Image Credit: Maclyn Facebook

4) Tipsy Choux

Did you know that in French, choux are called pâte à choux which literally translates to cabbage paste? The name comes from how the pastry resembles tiny cabbages when baked – the more you know! Tiny cabbages or not, I personally love choux because of how light and airy it is along with the delicious cream that oozes out when you bite it. So, I’m all the more excited that there is an alcoholic version of this yummy pastry. Relieve your stress and enjoy this alcoholic desssert through a box of 4, 6 or 9 pieces of boozy choux from Tipsy Choux. With flavours such as Minty Matcha Gin, Strawberry Cheesecake Vodka, Vanilla Rum and more, just looking at them already make me feel tipsy (in a good way).

Image Credit: Tipsy Choux Facebook

5) Cake Tella

Handsome baker Eddie Tan is the mastermind behind Cake Tella which has served nearly a decade of alcoholic ice cream cakes, chocolate truffles and cream puffs. Rightfully known as the King of Alcoholic Cakes, you can find a wide variety of cakes infused with alcohol such as gin, rum, Kahlua and whisky at Cake Tella. There are crepe cakes, cheesecakes, and ice cream cakes for you to take your pick from which might cause a dilemma. If you’re feeling stuck, you could always go for their bestseller – the Tiramisu Kahlua.

Image Credit: Cake Tella Facebook

6) Tipsy Bites KL

Not your ordinary cheesecake – things are done a little differently at Tipsy Bites KL. With cheesecake flavours such as Original Baileys Irish Cream, Lychee Rose Martini, Peach Margarita, Sea Salt Lime Margarita, and Espresso Martini Kahlua, it sounds like you might actually get tipsy from nibbling on their cheesecake bites. The cheesecake bites can be mixed and matched in a box of 10 or 25 – the perfect alcoholic dessert to be enjoyed with friends and family. You can also get the cheesecake as a whole or four in a box. Don’t worry, for those who cannot take alcohol, they have a mocktail version of their cheesecakes that you can order.


7) Licky Chan

Creating cakes for adults only, what you see at Licky Chan is definitely not your basic batch. Inspired by cocktail recipes such as the Pina Colada and G&T, you will find alcoholics cakes such as the Piña Colada Cake and Gin, Basil & Lemon Smashing Good Cake that also serves their aesthetic. They are also well-known for their boozy ice-cream that combines soft textures with sharp flavours, guess this is what happens when a bartender opens an ice-cream shop. Great news – they are finally open for dine-in, which means it’s time to get your dose of alcoholic desserts!

The Piña Colada Cake
Image Credit: Licky Chan Facebook

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