7 Places to Find Premium Chocolate Bonbons in Klang Valley

chocolate bon bon
Image Credit: Amily's Chocolate & Jugèlìk Artisanal

Originated from France, chocolate bonbons are a small chocolate confection that is usually filled with liqueur or other sweet ingredients such as flavoured ganache, caramel, or jelly. It can come in many designs and flavours, hence making it a wonderful gift for chocolate lovers. And if you are looking to support local businesses (#supportlokal), you will be glad to know that most of the shops on this list are homegrown artisan chocolate makers. Without further ado, check out 7 places where you can find colourful and premium chocolate bonbons in KL and Selangor.

1) Amily’s Chocolate

With chocolate bonbons that are crafted till perfection, Amily’s Chocolate is Malaysia’s first online chocolate bonbon shop. Made under the guidance of Splash Cupcakes, a successful self-made baker to ensure that the highest quality is maintained, all chocolate bonbons are freshly made on a weekly basis. The chocolates are halal as they do not contain alcohol or any non-halal ingredients. With delicious fillings such as Hazelnut crunchy and Cookies n Biscoff, you can order the chocolate bonbons in a box of 6, 9 or 24 pieces. Following the Squid Game craze that took over the world, they have also recently released a new filling flavour – Dalgona ‘N Honeycomb – a bittersweet taste that will surely delight!  

Image Credit: Amily’s Chocolate Facebook

2) Baked By Nazeera

A patisserie graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia, Nazeera used to be an accountant before taking the leap of faith to pursue her passion which was food. And out of all the possibilities, she fell in love with chocolate! Just a look on her Instagram page and you’ll see that Nazeera creates the prettiest cocoa gems aka chocolate bonbons that almost makes it too difficult to eat. Not only that, but you also get to taste a variety of fillings from peppermint to earl grey in one box of these gems. In total, there are 9 different fillings available, and you can order in a box of 9 or 16. Bakedbynazeera is a one-woman show, so do expect that there is a limit to the orders that she can take in a week.  

3) Jugèlìk Artisanal

Happiness in a wrapper – that is what chocolate means to the team behind Jugèlìk Artisanal. With customisable wrappers, boxes, and cards, you can convey your wishes and intentions as accurately as possible along with the perfect chocolate, of course! Made with high quality dark chocolate, they are currently selling their Christmas Cube (8 chocolate bonbons in a box) as Christmas is just around the corner. With fillings such as caramel, raspberry and mango and super cute decorations, whoever is on the receiving end of this Christmas Cube is going to have one sweet day.

Image Credit: Jugèlìk Artisanal Facebook

4) Cristy Crystals

Disclaimer: Cristy Crystals is actually a crystal shop selling modern and traditional crystals but one of their products caught my eye – the Cristy Crystals Chocolate Crystals Gift Set. With 19 chocolate bonbons that look like a variety of crystals such as rose quartz (stands for relationship and love), amethyst (stands for wisdom), and green aventurine (stands for wealth and health), this makes a wonderful and meaningful gift for those who believes in crystals and the magic they carry. Wrapped in a heart-shaped box, it is perfect as a Valentine’s or anniversary gift for your partner. Bonus point – they taste good too!

Image Credit: Christy Crystal Official Facebook

5) Benns Ethicoa

Malaysia’s longest running homegrown chocolate brand — Benns Ethioca — has been around since 1973. With a focus on ethical cacao farming and sustainability, owner Wilfred Ng has his own open-concept chocolate factory and café which you can visit in Cheras. If you are interested to know how chocolate is made, you should definitely drop by for a tour to see how it’s all done. Working directly with farmers, everything is made on-site with cacao from five Asian countries: Malaysia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines. You can also expect to find Asian flavours in their bonbons such as Cendol, Ondeh Ondeh and Pandan Gula Melaka.

Image Credit: bennsethicoa.com

6) Chocolate Concierge

The man behind the Chocolate Concierge brand is Ning-Geng Ong, a cocoa farmer who specialises in single origin chocolate. Quick lesson – single origin chocolate means chocolate that’s made from one variety of cacao harvested in one region. For Ning, this means chocolate from cacao trees grown in Peninsula Malaysia which makes chocolates from Chocolate Concierge uniquely Malaysian. Apart from really delicious sounding flavours such as cherry cranberry, red rose and lychee and classic dark truffle, you can also find chocolate bonbons in Malaysian flavours such as Teh Tarik, Sweet Laksa and Creamy Coconut. Absolutely perfect for the adventurous chocoholic in your life!

Image Credit: shop.chocconcierge.com

7) Love18C

Since opening their doors in 2012, Love18C has established themselves as one of the more well-known chocolate brands in Malaysia. During special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, they also sell chocolate bonbons that make for a great and yummy gift. You must also check out their award-winning collection having won the International Chocolate Award competition two years in a row in 2019 and 2020. Although they’re not chocolate bonbons, with flavours such as Willy Sour Lime and Bentong Ginger, aren’t they just too interesting to pass up on?

Image Credit: Love18C Facebook

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