7 Places Other Than the Supermarket to Find Plant-Based Milk

plant-based milk
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Plant-based milk or vegan milk is all the rage nowadays. A lot of coffee shops – whether large chains like Starbucks or smaller artisanal cafes – provide customers with the option to change the milk in their drinks to a plant-based milk such as oat milk or soy milk. While it used to be difficult to find alternatives to dairy milk in the past, there are more and more plant-based milk and vegan products on the shelves of major supermarkets in Malaysia now. The move to plant-based milk can be for many reasons – lactose intolerance, dietary restrictions, personal preferences, and environmental concerns. Whichever it is, it has definitely become easier to find plant-based milk nowadays and we’re glad for it.

Other than supermarkets, there have also been an increase in entrepreneurs or local brands that sell plant-based milk. If you are looking for more choices, here are 7 places other than the supermarket where you can find plant-based milk.


Handcrafted from premium ingredients from California, Turkey, Belgium and more, HYYH which is the abbreviation of their Korean name, 화양연화 (Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa) is also an idiom that means the golden years. Founded in 2020, they serve handmade nut milks and overnight oats. Did you know that nut milk helps to strengthen the immune system, contains high antioxidants and lower calories? As such, it is a considered a healthy replacement that is vegan and diabetic friendly.

I had the pleasure of ordering their HYYH bundle which consists of two types of nut milk – Almond Mylk and Dark Choc Hazelnut Mylk – and two jars of overnight oats – Ferrero Rocher and Genmaicha Overnight Oats. The overnight oats are made with a layer of nut cream instead of the usual yogurt which I really enjoyed because I’m not a fan of the sour tang of yogurt. The milk was rich and smooth and a wonderful addition to my daily cup of coffee. I would definitely order again. You can also look out for other flavours and nuts that they occasionally experiment with!

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2. Nut Milk Station

Among the many plant-based milk out there, almond milk can be considered one of the more popular alternatives. It’s a low-calorie milk because unsweetened almond milk contains up to 80% fewer calories than cow’s milk. For those looking to switch to a plant-based milk for dietary and weight reasons, almond milk is a good choice. Additionally, one serving of almond milk provides 50% of your daily Vitamin E needs which is great for your skin. While there are many brands selling almond milk at the supermarkets, you can also consider getting yours from Nut Milk Station. They offer 100% pure and natural homemade almond milk with no added preservatives. Just drop them a text to order.  

Image Credit: Nut Milk Station Facebook

3. Just.

Another place to find homemade almond milk – Just. offers two versions which are almond milk and almond milk kaw. They also come in two sizes to fit your needs as they’re best consumed within 3 to 4 days since no preservatives are added. So, you wouldn’t want to order too much and not be able to finish them in time. Similar to cow’s milk, almond milk is also very versatile, and it can be used in cooking and baking as well. You can get some ideas through their Instagram page where they have shared how to use the Almond Milk Kaw to make Chicken Fillet with Almond Creamy Sauce or how to make a cup of Matcha Almond Milk.

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4. Oatchies

A great option for people with dairy or nut allergy while also looking for a lactose-free alternative, oat milk is the best choice. High in protein and packed full of fibre, oat milk also contains both calcium and vitamin D which is great for maintaining good bone health. Oatchies is a local brand under B Plus Q Sdn Bhd (BPQ), a leading food manufacturer since the 1980s. Oatchies consists of a series of oat-based breakfast products and among them is the Oatchies Super Oatmilk (High Protein) and Oatchies Super Oatmilk (High Fibre). They come in powder form which can even be used as meal replacements as they contain a well-balanced list of ingredients. You can drink it as milk by adding to lukewarm water or it can also be added into yogurt or fruit juice.

Image Credit: Oatchies Facebook

5. Putih Putih Edamame

If you didn’t know that edamame, the green soybeans we commonly see in Japanese restaurants, can be drank as milk, now you do. Although not as common as other plant-based milk that can be found in Malaysia, you do see some edamame milk in other countries such Thailand and Japan. This was the case for the founder of 白白 PutihPutih where she was inspired by an edamame milk beverage she saw at a farmer’s market in Thailand. As a fan of edamame myself, I imagine the milk version of it would taste quite nice. Unfortunately, the latest post on 白白 PutihPutih’s Facebook page mentioned that they’re not taking any orders until further notice. I sure hope they will make a comeback soon.

Image Credit: 白白 PutihPutih Facebook

6. Young Soy

We are no strangers to soy milk, and it can be easily found in the supermarkets or in our neighbourhoods. What caught my attention at Young Soy is the red bean soymilk that they recently launched. Both ingredients are familiar to us, and I’d imagine the combination to be delicious as well. They are currently offering a Valentine’s sale with 5% discount on their bundles which consists of 2 bottles of Classic Soymilk and 2 bottles of Redbean Soymilk. As they are freshly made, do make your pre-orders by directly messaging them.

Image Credit: Young Soy Soymilk Facebook

7. Kind Milk

Cashew milk is a plant-based milk that is low in fat, carbs, and calories. Its thick and creamy texture makes it suitable to mix with cereal, baking or in smoothies. It is also known as the plant-based milk that is most similar to cow’s milk, so if you are looking to transition to a plant-based diet, cashew milk is a good option. It is not as common as other plant-based milk, so imagine my surprise that there is someone making homemade cashew milk in Klang Valley. According to Kind Milk’s Instagram page, they offer three types of cashew milk – original, no sugar and chocolate. Just DM to order!

Image Credit: @kind_milk

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