7 Hidden Benefits of Being Late To Work

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We have all gone through this cycle. We set the alarm clock at 6am and hit the snooze button multiple times. Before we know it, the clock strikes 8am and we find that we are late to work again. Many employers will issue a warning letter for such actions. However, what if we could convince our employers that being a bit late to work is actually beneficial to both the employee and employer? Let’s take a look at 7 “hidden” benefits of being late to work. As a word of caution, do consult your bosses prior to being “late” for work.

1) Breakfast Time

For starters, our mothers were right and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Numerous scientific studies have proved that breakfast is vital in kick-starting our metabolism. By feeding our body with nutritious food, we are giving ourselves the best chance possible to be focus and productive at work. For the employer, this means having an employee who makes less mistakes at work, being more energetic and not to mention, having a clear mind to think of ways of improving the business.

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2) Avoiding the Traffic

If we are allowed to being late to work, this means we may potentially skip the notorious traffic conditions during peak hours. A 30 minutes journey to work may take more than an hour during peak traffic conditions, which would result in showing up at work in a grumpy and angry mood. It’s also a well-know fact that when we are angry, we seldom perform to our maximum potential.

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3) Family Time

It is common that adults nowadays rarely spend time with their family due to working long hours. While we may not have total control in deciding what time work ends, but we can have control in deciding what time work begins. By spending an extra 30 minutes with the kids in the morning, the employee would feel happier and this would result in a more positive workplace environment.

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4) Snooze Time

Studies have shown that even an extra 30 minutes of sleep can make a difference between being focused at work and being lethargic. I don’t know about you, but if an extra 30 minutes of sleep would result in me being more energetic, focused and having the mental sharpness to close a multi-million dollar contract, I would gladly go to work a bit late.

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5) Exercise

We all strive to be more physically active. By incorporating a quick workout early in the morning (when the gym and running tracks are not so crowded), we are allowing ourselves to be healthier, happier and energized during the day. For our bosses, this would mean taking less sick leave, higher productivity and being more efficient in our work.

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6) Skip the Morning Watercooler Talk

We have all been there. We clock into office at 8am, start making our morning coffee and one of our co-worker joins you in the pantry. Soon, the “small talk” will turn into a gossiping session and we all know that gossip spreads negativity in the workplace. By being late to work, we would have skipped this ritual and thus, we can devote our full energy on our work, rather than on gossip.

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7) Dress to Impress

Ever felt that you only had 10 minutes to change to your work attire and hence, you just throw on anything that looks decent? Well, by spending a bit more time in deciding your wardrobe of the day, it could potentially lead you to your next promotion! It’s a well-known fact that you should dress to impress and more importantly, smart dressing may be the key in securing that lucrative client you been pursuing for months.

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