7 Bottled Craft Cocktails To Enjoy In The Comfort Of Your Home

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Craft cocktails are exactly what they sound like. They’re carefully crafted drinks created with high-quality ingredients and the best combination of taste in mind. A craft cocktail is a hand-crafted alcoholic mixed drink that is made with fresh ingredients instead of pre-made mixes. It is possible for a layman to make their own cocktails and there are tons of recipes online that show you how to craft the most delicious glass of alcoholic drinks. But… it also entails owning certain tools specific to cocktail making. Not to mention, some ingredients can be hard to find or difficult to have on hand. All in all, it is a better idea to order bottled/canned craft cocktails that have been prepared by a mixologist or bartender to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

Without further ado, here are 7 places to find delicious boozy craft cocktails that can be delivered right to your doorstep.

1. Brotenders

What started out as a beverage catering service that provided handmade cocktails and mocktails and other event management services, Brotenders had to change what they were doing when the pandemic hit. However, perhaps it was a blessing in disguise as they were able to do something that they’ve been wanting for a while. Developing a line of bottled cocktails that they can call their own, their decision has yielded favourable response from the public. Find interesting cocktails such as Dirty Coffy, 24 Karat Magic and even a Bird nest Cocktail Set that you can order straight from their website.

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2. Coley

Consistently rated as one of Asia’s 50 best bars and even ranked #114 on the list of Top 500 bars in the world in 2020 – you can be certain that the cocktails at Coley are world class. In fact, they are named after the famous female bartender Ada Coleman aka Coley. So, it’s no wonder that their latest edition of Malaysian Bartenders Abroad (MBA) features women bartenders and their own unique concoction of cocktail. The set contains 4 bottles of sparkling cocktails, 4 limited edition drink coasters and a booklet containing a tasting guide. Order yours today via the link on their Instagram bio and enjoy them with the women in your life!

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3. TAP TAP – Cocktails On Tap

We’re used to beer on tap but what about craft cocktails on tap? Well, I for one am totally on board! Using a draft system that dispenses cocktails in less than 30 seconds, this also means that the cocktails are easily accessible and easier on the wallet as well. Working with the best mixologists in the industry, Tap Tap ensures that their craft cocktails are of the highest quality and consistent in taste. I especially agree with one of their mantras – new age drinking where cocktails can also be enjoyed in the middle of the day when we are feeling thirsty for a drink. Gone are the days where we have to endure feeling bloated from beer or sipping on hard liquor that can feel too heavy for day drinking. Just get a can of Tap Tap instead – choose from a choice of 11 cocktails from their Season 1 menu.

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4. Vodkabulary

Your new to-go place for bottled craft cocktails, check out their selection of carefully created creations that would surely delight cocktail lovers. They even have a very aptly named cocktail called the Schrödinger’s cat for the person who never knows what they want to drink or they’re okay with “anything”. The ingredients are a mystery, so you’ll have to open it up and get a taste to find out! Vodkabulary also sells the most beautiful cocktails sets that make the perfect gift – their latest being the Valentine’s gift set. Follow them on Instagram if you would like to find out what gorgeous gift sets they come out with in the future!

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5. Dissolved Solids

Serving all sorts of liquid form in a bottle, ordering and drinking craft cocktails is made convenient from the people at Dissolved Solids. As they were already well-known for their unique and out of the box concoctions (their bar is located at Damansara Kim), I was excited to try the bottled version and decided to order one through Beepit. I got the Plumouth which is a plum infused floral wine cocktail containing white vermouth. When it was delivered, there was a small packet of garnishes that were included and instructions on how to drink it. I really enjoyed it and the taste was really good – sweet, sour and just nice for an after-meal drink.

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6. Jann

Having been included in the list of mixologists to watch in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with World Bartender Day on Tatler, Jann is known for their craft cocktails that are inspired by the heritage of Chinatown. You can find them at Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur but if it’s too far for you to travel to, you can always order your cocktails to be delivered. Consider trying their collection of 6 bottled cocktails called The Six Senses of Flight. With 6 different flavours to stimulate your palate, this collection makes a wonderful cocktail care pack either for yourself or for someone special.

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7. Locker & Loft

Helmed by two individuals who are well-versed with the world of alcohol and cocktails, Locker & Loft features cocktails that use local and Asian ingredients and even have a separate menu for cocktails. What caught my eyes however were the cocktails that were made with kombucha which should make an interesting combination. I tried to order them online, but I had trouble with the website. This doesn’t mean I will be giving up; I might just drop by their bar instead. If you didn’t encounter the trouble I had, you will be pleasantly surprised and excited at the extensive list of interesting and unique craft cocktails on the menu. What are you waiting for?

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