7 Benefits Of Buying A Business Laptop

With the seemingly neverending COVID-19 pandemic having more or less changed the way we live our lives, the same also goes with our work. The idea of working from home has become a norm by now, which means we spend more time in front of our laptops than ever before. Laptops are generally divided into three categories: consumer, business and gaming. Gaming laptops are self-explanatory typically targeted for hardcore gamers. Most of us would settle for a consumer laptop due to its varieties of choices, styles and price range. But let’s not forget about business laptops, which aren’t just built for professionals. They may not be as stylish as the consumer varieties but if you are looking for something durable in the long run, check out these 7 Benefits Of Buying A Business Laptop.

1) Better Build Quality

Unlike consumer varieties, business laptops are typically built to last. Given the fact they are designed for mobility, these laptops can withstand the likes of accidental knocks, drops and spills. This is especially true for those business laptops all tried and tested in compliance with the MIL-STD-810G standards. Among the well-known brands and models include Lenovo ThinkPad, HP EliteBook, Dell Latitude, Asus ExpertBook and Acer TravelMate P series.

Business Laptop Benefit #1: Better Build Quality
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2) They Are Upgradeable

If you pay attention to the current trend of today’s laptops, most of them have one unfortunate thing in common: the dreaded, soldered RAM. In other words, if you purchase a 4GB or 8GB laptop, you will be stuck with that limitation since soldered RAM forbids users to upgrade and has no extra slot whatsoever. These types of laptops are normally found in consumer varieties but not so if you purchase a business laptop. They are generally upgradeable regardless of RAM, internal storage or both. Take the Lenovo ThinkPad T14, for instance; both memory and its SSD storage can be upgraded up to 32GB and 2TB respectively.

Business Laptop Benefit #2: They Are Upgradeable
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3) Better Keyboards

One of the major advantages of purchasing a business laptop has to do with a better-than-average keyboard. The kind of keyboard that has a more clicky and tactile feel as well as decent-to-good travel, depending on the brand and its model. This, in turn, helps to make your typing experience all the more comfortable even for long hours. If your budget allows, it is worth investing in the high-end Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon — a solid workhorse of a business laptop with an excellent keyboard. Not a fan of Lenovo? Some of the other recommended business laptops worth considering include the Asus ExpertBook B9450 and HP EliteBook 840 G7.

Business Laptop Benefit #3: Better Keyboards
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4) Better Security

Security matters when it comes to owning a business laptop. This is particularly evident for those who are constantly on the go and working remotely, say in a cafe using public WiFi. Most business laptops have added security features like fingerprint readers and advanced encryption systems to safeguard company data. For instance, the Acer TravelMate P6 has a combination of Trusted Platform Module 2.0 and vPro™ remote management technology. Others like HP has its own security features, namely HP Proactive Security Plan and HP Sure Click. The former helps to protect your laptop from the likes of malware and viruses as well as protecting documents against phishing scams.

Business Laptop Benefit #4: Better Security
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5) Better & Longer Warranty

Business laptops are designed for a long haul. Which is why they tend to have better and longer warranties than your usual consumer laptops. Generally, most consumer laptops only cover a standard warranty lasting either 1 or 2 years. Business laptops, in the meantime, typically come with 3-5 years of extended warranty periods. They even have value-added services like online tech support and onsite services.

Business Laptop Benefit #5: Better & Longer Warranty
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6) Better Display

Most business laptops use matte displays, making them easier to view and read what’s on the screen. Brands and models like Lenovo ThinkPad T490 and the mid-range Acer TravelMate P2 come equipped with Full HD IPS displays. Apart from vibrant colour reproduction, users can enjoy better viewing angles and contrasts.

Business Laptop Benefit #6: Better Display
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7) More Ports

Business laptops tend to focus more on functionality than style and aesthetic. Which means you will normally have a laptop with a wide range of ports, namely USB 3.1 as well as HDMI and Ethernet interface.

Business Laptop Benefit #7: More Ports
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