6 Tufting Workshops in Singapore to Tuft Your Own Rugs

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If tufting is a word that’s completely alien to you, don’t worry. We just stumbled upon it not too long ago, hence the production of this article to share it with you. First things first, tufting is a type of textile manufacturing, and it’s apparently an ancient technique for making warm garments, especially mittens. In modern times, tufting is most often associated with rugs, and it has blown up as an art activity to try out somewhat recently. So if you’re itching for a DIY, creative activity to try out, perhaps these 7 tufting workshops in Singapore will interest you!

1) Tuft Club

At Tuft Club, there are two tufting workshops to choose from: their Rug Tufting Workshop, and their Tuft Mirror Workshop. While the rug tufting workshop is more common and pretty much self-explanatory, the tuft mirror workshop has you hand-tuft a mirror frame. Both workshops are four and a half hours, covering detailed guidance on operating the tufting gun, design, and techniques. What’s more, they even deliver your finished product to you within 2-3 weeks at no additional cost (after drying and finishing). The minimum age to participate in the workshop is 16.

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Facebook: TUFT CLUB | Instagram: @tuft.club| Email: hello@tuftclub.com

2) Hello Rugs

At Hello Rugs, their tufting workshops also consists of two products. You can either hand-tuft a rug, or a wall hanging up 60x60cm. In the four-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to tuft your desired product from start to end, using the power tufting machine to create custom products. The fee of the workshop also covers the tufting frame, cloth, as well as more than 50 colours of yarns. They will also send you your finished product without extra charge within the week or so.

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Facebook: HelloRugs| Instagram: @hellorugssg | Email: hello@hellorugs.com.sg

3) beadbadwolf

beadbadwolf has a range of arts and crafts workshops available, including earring workshops, embroidery workshops, loom weaving workshops, punch needle + fine yarn workshops, crochet + knit a bag workshops, and yes, tufted rug/mirror workshop. Most of their workshops are only available upon request, and the tufting workshop will have you learn tufting techniques, and materials will also be provided during the workshop. Once you finish your product, you’ll leave it behind to be finished up with glue and felt backing. After that, they will inform you once it’s ready for collection!

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4) With Autumn

Autumn, the creative director and founder of With Autumn, set it up with the aim of sharing her journey in natural dyeing, responsible textiles, and mindful designs, as well as to spread awareness about traditional fibre crafts. Working with craftsmen, artisans, and farmers worldwide, With Autumn has a variety of workshops, including Natural Indigo Shibori Scarf Workshop, Indian Wood Block Printing Workshop, and Tufting Workshop. The workshop runs for four and a half hours, and you’ll design and tuft during the workshop, while they professional finish your product after that. If you’re thinking about having a private workshop or even host a tufting party, they can do that too!

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Instagram: @withautumn.sg | Email: hello@withautumn.com

5) Cutloop Studio

Cutloop Studio is a place where they combine wellness (me-time in particular), learning, and fun–all in the form of tufting. As aforementioned, tufting is usually associated with rugs, and yes, you can do that here, but Cutloop Studio also encourages you to try out tufting mirrors, framed rugs, and other fun-sized projects. From the Mini Rug Workshop to the Mirror Tufting Workshop as well as the Standard Rug Workshop, all you have to do is take your pick, show up, and have fun!

Image Credit: cutloopstudio.com
Facebook: cutloop.studio | Instagram: @cutloop.studio | Email: hello@cutloopstudio.com

6) Studio An

An, or 安, in Mandarin, means “peace”, or “safety”. What Studio An is is a safe place for you to experiment and express yourself creatively with their supply of art materials, mediums, and equipment. They believe that “there is no right way to creativity”, so come in with an open mind, and check out all the different activities and experiences they have to offer, ranging from silkscreening, woodblock printing, and tufting. Choose to tuft a rug for your floor, wall or mirror, with each session being four hours. If you have a design in mind, you can save a few of them on your phone, and show it to the instructors. After that, you can trace the design with the projectors or freehand it. All that’s left to do is tuft!

Image Credit: studio-an.space

Facebook: Studio An | Instagram: @studioan.space | Email: hello@studio-an.space


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