6 Quality Surgical/Medical Face Masks For Your Daily Needs

6 Quality Surgical/Medical Face Masks For Your Daily Needs

At the time of writing, our country’s improving COVID-19 situation means we are set to enter the endemic stage. But still, no matter what stage we are in right now or in the near future, wearing face masks will remain mandatory. While there are a few versions of face masks you can buy these days (e.g. cloth masks, KN95 masks), among your best bets would be the regular 3-ply surgical/medical face masks. And if you are wondering which brand should you go for, we have rounded up a selected list of 6 Quality Surgical/Medical Face Masks For Your Daily Needs.

1) Medicos Sub Micron Surgical Face Mask

Once upon a time (okay, more like last year), this 3-ply surgical face mask from Medicos used to sell like hotcakes. I still remember how difficult it was to get my hands on this box of masks no matter online or in pharmacies. They are always out of stock because I guess most people purchased them in bulk. What I like about this brand is the mask doesn’t feel too thick but just soft and comfortable enough to wear it even for long hours. It also fit well over my face and I like the ear loops do not irritate the skin of my ears.

Medicos Sub Micron Surgical Face Mask
Image Credit: goody25.com

2) Neutrovis Airy Secure

Here’s my current favourite brand, particularly the Airy Secure series. The mask comes in a typical sky blue colour and it fits comfortably from the top (the nose part) to the bottom, thanks to its unique double metal strips. The strips not only helps to mould into a 3D shape for better fit but also enhance breathability. The latter is what I like about the mask the most. And if that’s not enough, the mask doesn’t fog up my glasses easily even when I’m in the MRT, where they sometimes crank up the air-conditioning. The earloops feel just as great, all soft and gentle that I have no problem wearing the mask for long hours.

In case you find the sky blue design is too ordinary, you can check out their Ombre series too. They are basically the same as the sky-blue Airy Secure version except for the colour of the mask. The Ombre series has four gradient-style colours available including Blue Aurora, Dusty Rose, Mojito Mint and Sun Glow. Since they are sold as limited-edition masks, you have to pay RM10 extra (a total of RM34.90 per box of 50, to be exact compared with the sky-blue Airy Secure’s RM24.90 price range).

Keep in mind that it seems hard to get the Neutrovis Airy Secure series these days. I have tried searching them in many pharmacies around the Klang Valley areas but they do not appear to carry the stock anymore. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean the Airy Secure series is gone for good. You can still get them in Neutrovis’ official store online right here or here.

Neutrovis Airy Secure & Ombre series
Image Credit: neutrovis.com

3) Neutrovis Extra Protection Premium 

Another quality mask from Neutrovis and instead of the usual 3-ply, the Neutrovis Extra Protection Premium comes in 4-ply. These four layers not only offers protection against droplets but also other particles including bacteria, smog and pollen. When I first bought the mask, I figured it’s going to be a bit thicker than my usual go-to Neutrovis Airy Secure series. But as it turns out, the mask feels surprisingly soft and super-comfortable to wear. Neutrovis clearly isn’t kidding when it states “Extra Soft” on their box. I also like that it comes in different minimalist colours including Denim Blue (one of my favourite colours so far), Sage Green, Misty Blue, Merlot, Feather Iris, Steel Grey, Hunter Green and Premium Black. The only downside? Expect to pay more at RM34.90 per box.

Neutrovis Extra Protection Premium
Image Credit: lazada.com.my

4) Neutrovis Basic

I understand that paying RM24+ onwards for a box of masks isn’t exactly an economical thing to do, particularly if you go out on a daily basis. Neutrovis Basic is one of the best economical, yet quality masks that I have bought before. It costs below RM20 per box and while it doesn’t have the same bells and whistles found in Airy Secure or Extra Protection Premium series, the Neutrovis Basic does its job well enough as intended. It comes in 3 layers (3-ply) and feels quite comfortable wearing it even for long hours.

Neutrovis Basic
Image Credit: neutrovis.com

5) Durio 545 Trendish

Ever heard of Durio? This local brand sells quality, yet reasonably priced 3-ply and 4-ply masks. One of their products, the Durio 545 Trendish sells around RM30 per box on their official online store. While they should have fit in 50 pcs instead of reducing them to 40, the Durio 545 Trendish remains a popular item among many satisfied customers. Most of them love the overall quality of the mask and feel very comfortable upon wearing it. It even comes in 4 layers (4-ply) that offers extra protection and there are four exciting colours to choose from. This includes the classic Black, Denim Blue, Maroon Red and Dark Purple.

Durio 545 Trendish
Image Credit: my.onlinefriday.info

6) Callie 4 Ply Surgical Face Mask

If you don’t mind paying a steeper price (RM39.90, to be exact) for high-quality surgical face masks, you might want to check out this one from Callie. The brand offers a premium 4-ply version, which comes in a box of 50 pcs. They have three colours available including Windsurf Blue, Pink Beret and Neutral Beige. The mask uses meltblown, non-woven fabric material for better filtration up to 98% and 99% respectively against bacteria as well as micro and submicron particles. According to customer reviews, they love the softness of the mask and feel comfortable to wear. You get them in Caring Pharmacy or online right here.

Callie 4 Ply Surgical Face Mask
Image Credit: shopee.com.my