6 Food Items To Help You Burn The Midnight Oil

We’ve all been there at some point. Maybe you feel that your productivity levels are just higher at night, or there’s something urgent you must finish it tonight. Whichever it is, sometimes our body could use a little help, though we don’t recommend doing it often. If you’re one of those who needs to stay up, here are 6 food items that can help you burn the midnight oil!

1) Dark Chocolate

The benefits of dark chocolate are seemingly endless, but how does it help with staying awake? Dark chocolate mildly increases blood flow and reduces blood pressure, helping you stay calm yet keep going. With a deadline hanging over your head, you really don’t need more stress. The magnesium content in dark chocolate is also a known relaxant. The best dark chocolate? Those with a cacao content of more than 80%!

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2) Assortment Of Nuts & Berries

Let’s face it, we all love a good midnight snack, especially when working. But think twice about reaching for chips. Try preparing some nuts and berries beforehand, and snack of them while you work. Blueberries have recently been in the spotlight for its high antioxidant content, which protects against free radicals and therefore boosts brain functions. If you’re a nut nut (haha, get it?), opt for the unsalted, unflavoured ones – you don’t need sodium or sugar to mess with your concentration at this point.

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3) Green Tea

By now, you’ve probably seen it everywhere. Green tea is like the holy grail of all things good and healthy. And we’re totally on board! Whether you opt for decaf or not, green tea is still high in anti-oxidants and its various health benefits. Not only that, but it’s also practically calorie-less, perfect as a guilt-free drink for late nights. Especially with regular caffeinated green tea, you’d have no problem staying awake for your latest project.

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4) Whole Grains

In case you’re not the type to snack through the night, your body will require fuel to power through the night. The best way to ensure you have enough energy to keep going is by consuming whole grains during dinner. Forget all things white and lovely – white bread, white rice – and go for brown rice, wholemeal bread and buckwheat. For best results, pair them up with some protein of your choice. This will help keep your blood sugar levels balanced, which helps with optimum mood and concentration.

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5) Water

Yes, that’s right. Water may seem like the last thing on your mind during a late night, but come on, you got to stay hydrated! Your whole body practically survives on water, so make sure you’re drinking right. Furthermore, a study has shown that good hydration can boost attention by almost 25%! Any amount helps – small amount, small improvement. With 300 ml of water intake, you get improved memory and improved mood!

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6) Coffee

We’ve left the most obvious for the last… because this really should only be used as a last resort. Tried and true and utterly essential for many a night owl, coffee is the easiest go-to for those who need to stay awake. It’s not recommended simply because caffeine can stay in your bloodstream for a long time, and you’d need your rest regardless. (Unless you don’t plan on sleeping, but again, highly not recommended.) Your body also adapts to caffeine, so if you consume lots of coffee, you may find that it has less and less effect.

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