6 Facebook Live Fish Markets To Get Your Fresh Catch From

Image Credit: seafoodhamper.com.my

It’s the year 2020 now, and we remember when textbooks depicted flying cars about “Wawasan 2020”. Well, apparently cars haven’t taken to the skies yet, but it’s undeniable that plenty has changed anyway, including the way we buy seafood. Did you know that buying seafood could be done via Facebook Live? Depending on each “market”, there are specific times where they go live and display their goods, and consumers can then bid for the seafood they want. At the end of it, the “markets” will then deliver the seafood to those who have purchased! It’s really convenient, and just in time for CNY too! Without further ado, check out these 6 Facebook Live fish markets!

Note: Images depicted are screenshots of the Facebook Live sessions, so kindly head over the respective pages to get a clearer image (literally) of each!

1) Fully Fishery

Fully Fishery with produce from Kuala Selangor is actually one of the most well-known Facebook Live fish markets, and they have 51,871 likes at time of writing. They constantly get excellent reviews and recommendations in regards to reasonable pricing and freshness of products as well! From time to time, they may even have crazy good deals for customers, such as giveaways. Most recently, they unveiled the very first “seafood showroom” in Malaysia, located on Jalan Meru, Klang. Imagine going to a car showroom, but with live seafood instead. What you’ll see are aquariums full of live seafood for you to pick and buy back!

Image Credit: Fully Fishery Facebook

2) Sekinchan Seafood

Yet another popular Facebook Live fish market, Sekinchan Seafood has 64,743 likes at time of writing. Reviews and recommendations for Sekinchan Seafood are also extremely positive, with consumers raving about fast delivery, fresh seafood and a humourous host during the live sessions. Oh, and did we mention that seafood is vacuum-packed to ensure ultimate freshness? Besides Facebook Live sessions, they are also open to orders, and their produce are labelled clearly, so you can send them a message to order, and just bank in the total to them. They will then deliver to your doorstep! Super convenient!

Image Credit: Sekinchan Seafood Facebook

3) Kian Sing Fishery

Just like other Facebook Live fish markets, Kian Sing Fishery operates based on a mixture of orders, Facebook Live bids, as well as “lucky draws”. Consumers have also praised them for their produce’s freshness, reasonable prices and excellent service. Not only do they deliver in the KL & Selangor areas, but to other states as well. Delivery fees to other states may apply, so if you’re interested, make sure you find out the delivery fees beforehand to avoid any sort of misunderstanding! They also post food pics, i.e. ways to cook and enjoy the fresh seafood you’ve bought from them!

Image Credit: Kian Sing Fishery Facebook

4) The Brothers Seafood Online

If there’s one thing The Brothers Seafood Online prides itself on, it’s that it is the largest empurau bidding site in Malaysia. For those of you who don’t know, the empurau is a fish from Sarawak, and is the most expensive edible freshwater fish in Malaysia. Their flesh is describes as rich and delicate with a firm texture, and unique taste. This unique taste is thanks to their diet, which is a particular local fruit that falls into the river from surrounding trees. But not to worry if you’re looking for other produce than empurau. The Brothers Seafood Online also provides regular seafood, and delivers to different areas such as KL, Selangor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Perak. Delivery fees to different areas may apply and vary.

Image Credit: The Brothers Seafood Online Facebook

5) Daddy’s Seafood

Daddy’s Seafood is yet another trusted and recommended Facebook Live fish market by many. Consumers love them due to excellent service, prompt delivery and reasonable prices among other things. As they are a professional frozen and dried seafood wholesaler and supplier, it’s no surprise that they know how to select the freshest catch for you! In addition to seafood, they also organise giveaways and lucky draws. In fact, one of their recent giveaway items was an air fryer, which is extremely helpful in the kitchen. Delivery charges depending on sales amount and area may vary, so be sure to find out before your purchase!

Image Credit: Daddy’s Seafood Facebook

6) Sea Fresh

Sea Fresh was founded for to provide Malaysians with the freshest seafood possible. With 30 years of experience from a 4th generation wholesale fishery background, Sea Fresh certainly knows what makes seafood fresh. Staff members at Sea Fresh hand pick each item before scaling, gutting, cleaning and vacuum-packing them. Last but not least, the seafood is then flash frozen to ensure that it is preserved at its freshest state. In other words, Sea Fresh brings fresh seafood directly from the fishermen, to you.

Image Credit: Sea Fresh Facebook