6 Essential Smart Home Gadgets Worth Investing

6 Essential Smart Home Gadgets Worth Investing

If there is one thing about owning a smart device or smart home gadget worth mentioning here, it has to be convenience. It makes your life easier and best of all, it can accomplish a lot of things than just serving a sole purpose. That being said, we have rounded up 6 Essential Smart Home Gadgets Worth Investing.

1) Smart Speaker: Mi Smart Speaker

Here’s a smart speaker made affordable by Xiaomi, sporting a minimalist white design wrapped around in a silver speaker mesh. Despite its compact size, the Mi Smart Speaker boasts a front-firing 12W speaker and a large 63.5mm driver, offering crisp and dynamic sound all around.

It also comes equipped with smart features that allow you to say, control the volume or play your favourite song playlist via Hey Google. You can even easily control your speaker from anywhere in the room, thanks to the two intelligent far-field mics. It basically works by accurately picking up your voice. But if you are uncomfortable using the feature (read: privacy), you can choose to switch it off.

Other highlights include a LED light ring with up to 16 million colour combinations and a built-in Chromecast, which comes in handy for streaming your favourite movies or TV shows on your smart TV.

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Smart Speaker: Mi Smart Speaker
Image Credit: kwiknews.com.my

2) Smart Garden: Tiny Green Intelligent Ecological Planter

When it comes to gardening, it requires a lot of hard work and patience. And of course, not everyone has the luxury of time to take care of the plant(s). Not to mention gardening means you usually need sufficient outdoor space to plant and yes, getting your hands dirty. Sounds too much? Well, that’s where the smart garden helps to make your life easier.

Here, we have the Tiny Green Intelligent Ecological Planter, where you can grow your own herbs indoors. It’s both portable and height-adjustable with built-in grow lights and a self-watering irrigation system. For the latter, the system will indicate the time you need to refill the smart garden. It also has a one-button function for easier operation. And unlike traditional gardening, it doesn’t require the use of soil. In other words, you can enjoy indoor gardening minus the harmful pesticides.

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Smart Garden: Tiny Green Intelligent Ecological Planter
Image Credit: shopee.com.my

3) Smart Air Purifier: Dyson Purifier Cool TP07

Given the fact that we spend most of our time indoors no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to maintain healthy and breathable indoor air. This brings us to the Dyson Purifier Cool TP07, a nifty smart air purifier with a HEPA filter capable of trapping 99.97% of ultra-fine particles. It also comes with an activated carbon layer that helps to remove the likes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odours.

The Dyson Purifier Cool TP07 also works as an oscillating fan to cool your surrounding up to 350° and it even operates quietly with minimum noise distraction. As for the smart features, this air purifier is compatible with hands-free voice services such as Google Home and Apple Siri.

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Smart Air Purifier: Dyson Purifier Cool TP07
Image Credit: pcmag.com

4) Smart Robot Vacuum – Airbot A500

A robot vacuum cleaner tends to be a costly investment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a chance to own one for your daily household convenience.

Take the affordably-priced Airbot A500, for instance. Available in a sleek-looking white design, it comes with a 3-in-1 function where Airbot A500 not only sweeps but vacuums and mops the surface as well. With the help of a 2500Pa suction pressure, this robot vacuum can clean different types of debris from pet hair to muds and powder. It also operates quietly and you can assign the Airbot A500 accordingly by using the smart mapping solution via the Tuya Smart app. For the latter, you can download the app from Google Play or Apple iOS.

The Airbot A500 can slip easily under the likes of beds and sofas, thanks to its slim and low-body design measuring at just 7.5 cm tall. And finally, in case of encountering common obstacles such as a pair of slippers on the floor, the Airbot A500 has an intelligent climbing capacity of up to 2 cm.

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Smart Robot Vacuum: Airbot A500
Image Credit: hellokerja.com

5) Smart Lighting: Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Desk Lamp

Still relying on the traditional light bulb or fluorescent tube lighting? You might want to consider making a switch to a smart lighting solution, namely the Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Desk Lamp. Made compact and slim enough to fit any desk or table, the lamp features not one but four lighting modes such as Focus Mode and PC Mode. Being a smart lamp means you have the flexibility to control it using the Mi Smart Home app. You can choose to control your preferred brightness level and colour temperature.

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Smart Lighting: Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Desk Lamp
Image Credit: geekbuying.com

6) Smart TV – LG CX OLED 55″

With unpredictable cinema closures due to our government’s SOPs and nationwide lockdowns, we have no choice but to rely on home entertainment. And if you are thinking of getting a large-screen smart TV, consider the highly-rated LG CX OLED model. It features a 55″ OLED screen that delivers stunning 4K visuals while it produces deepest blacks, making it ideal for those who like to watch movies or TV shows in the dark. You can even find a Filmmaker Mode, a special feature capable of re-producing the images as close as to the original picture as possible.

Sports fans such as football can enjoy a more realistic, yet immersive action with the help of LG’s SELF-LIT PiXELS and TruMotion technology for clearer and detail-oriented fast-moving motion. The LG CX OLED is also good for the big-screen gaming experience, given its combination of low input lag and 1ms response time. In other words, you can enjoy even the fast-motion gameplays with reduced image blur.

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Smart TV: LG CX OLED 55"
Image Credit: pocket-lint.com