5G And Your Health; Why It’s Perfectly Safe To Use A 5G Network

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Most of us enjoy from the speed and efficiency of 4G network which makes using our phones a smooth experience. In fact, when choosing a cellular plan many of us look out for the quality of the network. Now with technology advancing at such a quick pace, there is talks of 5G being the new speedy network for us. However, there have been some concerns on whether a 5G network will affect our healths. In this article we tell you why it’s perfectly safe to use.

What is a 5G Network?

Firstly let’s break down what a 5G network is and how it works. This video by ASAPScience and MKBHD does a good job at explaining the science behind networks. Basically, there are a range of ways that electromagnetic wavelengths can be radiated.

The longer the waves, the lower the energy and vice versa. Your typical radio and microwave can be found at the left side of the spectrum. This means they have long waves with low energy levels.

Electromagnetic spectrum
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Meanwhile, on the right side you can see that X-rays and Gamma rays have the shortest length with the highest energy. These waves can be harmful to your DNA and cells which is why when you go for X-rays there are precautions.

They might put a vest on you to protect other parts of your body. Other preventive measures include limiting the number of X-rays you get and the length of exposure.

5G Network and how it works
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So now that we know 5G uses shorter waves with more energy, how does that work? Well, due to the high energy our devices will be able to work more efficiently and faster. This means you can download an entire season of Friends in a matter of seconds!

5G Networks are Safe! 

No risk with 5G network
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Moving on, 5G involves wavelengths that range from super high frequency to extra high frequency. However, you should not worry as these are still considered as a safe area. In fact, this range of wavelengths is also used in walkie talkies and cordless phones.

Of course there needs to be data that backs up this judgement on the use of a 5G network. That’s why we are looking to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). This is a scientific body that works on assessing the health risks of electromagnetic waves in our everyday devices.

Radiation of 5G
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Thus, they have rolled out new guidelines for 5G networks which are based on relevant scientific literature, workshops, and public consultation. However, the reality is that the 5G currently rolling out to the public is producing output levels below the maximum set by ICNIRP.

Furthermore, in the video above they address what scientific studies are concluding in regards to 5G. Some effects include the heating up of human tissue due to absorption of energy. But of course these studies found that it has no harm on the human body.

Therefore, based on current scientific research, there is no reason to worry about using a 5G network. Of course there is still a need for more research just to continue monitoring the use of 5G. If you still want to be cautious then reducing your exposure is enough.