5 Young Millionaires Who Are Under 30 in Singapore

Singaporeans are well schooled and well traveled. Many of the young of today, travel far and wide to countries like the UK and North America to pursue and further their studies. With such exposure to international cultures, the constant competition between peers and the incentives dangled by the Singapore government to encourage and develop more start-ups, it is no wonder that many young ambitious Singaporeans have already become young millionaires before they are even 30 years old. Here is a roundup of a few such inspiring individuals.

1) Val Yap, Policy Pal

This former vice president of a local bank, quit her job to launch an insurance app which helps you to find the best policy among the thousands that are already out there. Taking up a suitable insurance policy can be confusing and wear you down. With this app, you can compare between policies and obtain the best policy all through the convenience of your handphone.

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2) Lazada, Martell Graf von Hardenberg

At the tender age of 27, he became the CEO of Lazada, one of Singapore’s most trustworthy online shopping website. Coming from Germany, he was a lead at one of Berlin’s top IT companies before co-founding Lazada and heading to Singapore to make it his second home.

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3) Allies of Skin, Nicolas Travis

With not much money to start a company, Nicolas Travis was forced to develop just one product. His passion for good skin,caused by an acne-troubled youth, led him to develop a face mask that became an instant hit internationally. His Singapore brand is the only brand to be featured in international stores such as luxury brand Net-A-Porter.com.

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4) Viren Shetty, PlusMargin

Viren Shetty dropped out of university to concentrate on and develop his software and start-up company, PlusMargin. Using robotics, artificial intelligence, business analytics and consumer behavioural psychology, his start-up aims to boost the profits of businesses. His work has already benefitted several large organisations and found several investors ready to invest further in his company.

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5) Sathes Rames, Cradle Wealth Solutions

At just 28 years old, Sathes Rames is already a multi-millionaire. His company Cradle Wealth Solutions is a private investment banking firm. A born introvert, his decision to network and expand his contacts has led him to find investors as far away as Dubai. He has diverted a part of his wealth to help poor and orphaned children in India and continues his philanthropy through his business.

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