5 Shocking And Gruesome Unsolved Murders

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The world would be a much better place to live in if there’s nothing that breaches the safety of the people. But unlawful acts can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Horrifyingly, the lack of crucial evidence have deemed some murder cases as “unsolved”, and left the perpetrators walking freely among us. Listed below are 5 of the most gruesome murder cases that have yet to grant the victims justice. (Details may contain violence and gore explanations.)

1) The Atlas Vampire

A prostitute named Lilly Lindstrom was found dead and naked in her apartment 80 years ago in Stockholm with her body drained of blood. Oddly, there were minimal traces of blood at the crime scene, and a gravy ladle was found near her body. The ladle added to the confusion: was it used to drink blood? With a condom found in her anus and traces of salica found on her neck, police believed that sexual activities took place prior to her murder. The ladle and saliva led to theories that suggested that a real vampire was indeed involved in this gruesome murder, hence the name. However, as DNA had yet to exist, this crime remained unsolved.

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2) The Ice Box

On 23rd June 1965, two patrolmen paid a standard visit to Fred and Edwina Rogers’ house in Houston. They assumed the elderly couple were out until one of them decided to open the refrigerator, and found a stack of meat in the fridge. A head in the bin alerted them that that was human meat. Edwina was brutally beaten and shot while Fred’s head was crushed. His insides were then flushed down the toilet followed by the butchering and storage in the ice box. Blood traces in the house led to Charles’ bedroom, the couple’s son. However, after the grisly murder, Charles disappeared. Claw hammers, scissors, and a keyhole saw were found at the crime scene, believed to be the weapons used.

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3) Tainted Love

In 1980, a man stalked and expressed love for Dorothy Scott, a 32-year-old single mother. She did not return his feelings. Unrequited love swiftly turned into hate, and the man threatened to cut Dorothy into pieces so that no one can ever find her. One day, Dorothy disappeared. 4 years later, a construction worker found some skeletal remains, confirmed to be Dorothy’s. During the 4 years, the same man contacted Dorothy’s mother repeatedly and informed her that he had Dorothy. The man also contacted the radio station, confessing to the murder of Dorothy and revealing her last moments after that. The family still received a couple of phone calls asking “Is Dorothy home?” after her confirmed death. The calls eventually stopped, but the killer still remains at large.

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4) Witchcraft Or Satanism?

In 1972, 16-year-old Jeanette DePalma took the train in Springfield to see her friend, but she never made it to her destination. Weeks after seemingly disappearing into thin air, a local dog brought Jeanette’s decomposed right arm back to her house, which quickly led a search party to discovering her decomposing remains high atop a cliff inside an abandoned quarry. Her cause of death was never determined, but she was found in a coffin-shape formed by fallen branches and logs. Her body was also surrounded by wooden crosses, believed to be occult objects that opened up possibilities that witchcraft or Satanist rituals were involved. Even more confusing, her remains and clothing revealed no sign of harm at all.

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5) The Death Of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam, a student at the University of British Columbia, was only 21 when she died. Staying at the Cecil Hotel, she failed to check out, which alerted her parents. CCTV footage from the hotel’s elevator revealed Elisa pressing multiple buttons and apparently hiding from an unseen figure. Minutes later, she disappeared into the hallway, never to be seen again. About a month later, her bloated and decomposed body was finally found floating in the water tank on the rooftop after several complaints from guests regarding the low water pressure and unusual taste of the water. Protected by a key card system, the rooftop wasn’t accessible to those without key cards. The tank itself was 10 feet, and to open the lid requires specific tools. Till today, no one knows how Elisa got there and died.

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Looking back at these grisly unsolved murders, it’s apparent that death comes knocking on the door anytime it sees fit. The fact that some perpetrators are yet to face justice makes us wonder, are we ever truly safe?