5 Recipes You Can Make with Humble Yellow Mangoes

5 recipes you can make with humble yellow mango

Everyone loves the sunny yellow mangoes. Juicy and fleshy, they are a satisfying fruit for our tropical weather. Besides enjoying them fresh, in smoothies or as desserts, the yellow ripe mangoes can also be used in dishes such as the main course. Here are the 5 recipes you can make with humble yellow mangoes.

1) Mango Coconut Chicken Curry with lime leaf


Ginger and Garlic paste 1 tbs

1 large onion diced

3 to 4 lime leaves

1 crushed lemon grass

1 tbs brown sugar

125 ml coconut milk

125 ml chicken stock

1 tbs curry powder

1 ripe mango diced

1 bunch of diced coriander leaves

a few pieces of curry leaves

Zest and juice of 1 small lime


Fry the onions and the ginger garlic paste together with a stalk of chilli if needed for extra spice. Then add in the chicken pieces and fry until they are nicely brown on the outside. Add in lemongrass, lime leaves and curry powder. Fry until it is fragrant and add in coconut milk as well as chicken stock. Cook until the gravy thickens and serve with hot steaming rice.

Mango Chicken Curry
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2) Baked rice with Mango


300 g of basmati rice

1 ripe mango diced

4 pcs of chicken drumsticks or any of your choice

200 g of boiled red kidney beans

500 ml of chicken stock

Chicken marinade: 1 stalk of coriander leaves, 1 piece of chilli, 1 tbs ginger-garlic paste, 2 tsp cumin powder, juice and zest of 1 lime.


Marinade the chicken overnight.

The next day, take a rectangular deep tray and add in rice and kidney beans. Then pour in the stock until the rice is covered. Use more if needed. Place the chicken on top of the rice and garnish with mango pieces. Bake at 180 to 200 degrees Celsius or until the rice is cooked. Then garnish with more diced coriander leaves and serve with mango chutney.

Baked Rice with Mango
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3) Seared fish with mango salsa

125g to 200g of your favourite fish for grilling

1 mango diced

1 chilli deseeded and diced finely

2-3 shallots diced

1 lime -juice and zest


Mix the finely diced mango with chilli, lime zest and juice. Grill the fish and season with salt and pepper. Serve with the mango salsa.

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4) Baked fish with mango and mint chutney


Fish of choice that does not break apart easily, for instance Cod.

Mango chutney, store bought

Mint leaves diced

zest and juice of 1 lime

Breadcrumbs 4 tbs

2-3 tbs olive oil

1 chopped chilli

garam masala 1 tsp

cumin powder 1 tsp


Make the mango salsa by mixing the mango chutney with mint leaves, chilli, lime juice and zest. Then, take a leave of aluminium foil and layer with some breadcrumbs, top it with the breadcrumbs and layer with some mango chutney mix. Then layer the fish, seasoned with salt and pepper on top. Cover with more chutney mix and cover the top layer with breadcrumbs. Bake at 180 degrees celsius for 20 to 30 minutes until it is cooked. Serve with french fries or flavoured rice such as cajun rice.

Insanely delicious golden parmesan garlic crumb and a perfectly cooked fish. {15 minutes, 260 calories} #baked #broiled #grilled #healthy #crumbed
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5) Lamb Pilau with Mango


300g Basmati rice

Pulau spice mix

Roasted Lamb from the day before or roast your lamb in the oven with a premix.

Diced mango slices

500 ml of chicken stock


Cook the rice with salt and chicken stock and add in the pulau mix. Cook covered for about 20 to 30 minutes until the rice is done. Take the roasted lamb and slice out the meat into slices or cubes. Layer the cooked rice with the meat and leave covered before serving with the diced mango slices as garnish on the top.

Lamb Pilau Rice
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