5 New Normal Ways Post-MCO That Will Last For A Few Years

Many things have changed ever since the whole COVID-19 pandemic. If you think everything will be back to normal post-MCO and post-COVID-19, think again! COVID-19 has shaped and changed certain lifestyles and there is definitely a new normal we all have to get used to. 

1) Working-From-Home Became A Permanent Option

Last month, it was announced that WFH (Working From Home) will be a permanent option for employees that would like to implement it to their workplace. Several companies have decided to maintain WFH since MCO proved that business could still run as usual even without working from an office. Compared to an office, you’ll have chairs and a desktop to work on. But if you’re working from home, it’ll be better to have the right chair and a computer screen compared to a small laptop screen.

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2) More Time Spent On Screens

This is without a doubt the most common thing that has changed ever since MCO. Since everyone was stuck at home, MDA reported that online streaming sites such as Netflix and iFlix have significantly increased. Not only online streaming sites, but also gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch had a sudden huge surge of sales as well. Aside from entertainment, more businesses have turned digital. More people are looking into ways of making money online, thus, spending more time behind the screen.

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3) Malaysians Will Be Taking Health More Seriously 

If you haven’t started taking your health seriously, then you definitely should consider it. Ever since the pandemic, people were scrambling to get the right supplements especially Vitamin C  to boost their immune systems. Not to mention the fact that when we were stuck at home, we couldn’t go out to exercise. Workout equipment was being bought left and right in order to stay fit while staying at home.

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4) Cleanliness Is Now More Important Than Ever

The fact that it takes a whole pandemic for Malaysians to be cleaner really shows how little people care about it. Now, everyone will be carrying hand sanitizers and wet wipes everywhere we go. To be frank, cleanliness has always been important, but not many people were practising it on a daily basis. Can you imagine the number of germs found in train stations, especially the pole found in the trains? 

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5) Digital Media Is Essential 

Once MCO was implemented, almost everyone quickly scrambled to get their business online. Maybe before MCO was implemented, people were not too keen on spending too much time on social media and maintaining some sort of digital presence. After MCO, we’re pretty sure every business realizes the importance of having an online presence. Some of the businesses that did really well with their online presence would be essential daily products, online publications and F&B.

Even e-commerce sales have risen tremendously during MCO, with everyone buying all of their items online including beauty products such as face moisturiser, household items such as non-stick pans and more.

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