5 Frustrations Only People Who Drive in Malaysia Will Know

Image Credit: expatgo.com

While the experience of driving in Malaysia is acceptable, many would agree that there is still room for improvement. Here are 5 frustrations anyone who drives on the roads in Malaysia can relate to.

1) Sudden jolt from a pothole run-in

It is definitely safe to say that every car driver in Malaysia has had experienced a run in with pothole before. And we all know how aggravating it can be.

Image Credit: themalaysianinsider.com

2) Road signs that lead you to nowhere 

You can’t never reach a destination if you are navigating just by following the road signs in Malaysia.

Image Credit: starproperty.my

3) The Smart Tag not detecting

I bet you’d pray that your Smart Tag doesn’t give you any problem when you are approaching any Smart Tag enabled lane .

Image Credit: www.oneduasan.com

4) Traffic lights that turns red too quickly

Have you experienced getting stuck at a traffic light because it displays green only for a few seconds each time?

Image Credit: paultan.org

5) Sneaky speed traps set up by police

While the implementation of speed limit is understandable, we are often caught off guard by the unexpected speed traps set up by the police, which are really sneaky!

Image Credit: says.com

What other frustrating experiences have you encountered when you drive in Malaysia? Share with us.