5 Dangerous Beaches That Will Make You Think Twice About Visiting

Beaches are a popular spot to visit with the unending sea, lazy breeze and blue sky. We’re always reading about those #bucketlist beaches, but let’s try something a little different today. Depending on whether you’re a risk-taker or not, you might just find these 5 dangerous beaches on your bucket list as well. From planes to wild animals, get ready for these dangerous beaches!

1) Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a tourist attraction located in Broome, Australia. Coincidentally, Australia is home to what many would consider dangerous animals, including sharks, jellyfish and saltwater crocodiles. During certain seasons, you will be able to find all these animals at Cable Beach, though hopefully not altogether. Jellyfish actually pose the greatest threat among all three, especially during wet seasons. Shark and saltwater croc sightings occur, but they usually do not come close enough to cause harm. Oh, and there’s another animal you can find there: camels! Camel rides are available during sunrise and sunset, so there’s that.

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2) Queensland Beaches

Queensland is most well-known for their beaches, and also for their jellyfish, namely the box jellyfish. Box jellyfish can produce very potent venom, and their stings can be extremely painful. In certain cases, stings may even bring death. However, Queensland is one step ahead of you in regards to that. Many beaches now have swimming enclosures just for us to swim in, without the danger of being stung. Often, these enclosures are the only safe spot to swim in, so make sure you always listen to the lifeguard and swim in the enclosure if you don’t want to get stung.

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3) Bikini Atoll

A coral reef in the Marshall Islands consisting of 23 islands, Bikini Atoll had sixty-seven nuclear tests conducted there. In other words, this archipelago is probably not where you’d want to visit for your next holiday. Visitors must get approval and be accompanied by a diver and two local government council representatives. However, due to its reputation, not many people would like to visit. Those who visit are usually divers and scientists, either to discover wrecks or radiation levels.

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4) Skeleton Coast

Well… with a name like that, would you still like to visit? The place is a graveyard for ships, and the Portuguese navigators even dubbed it “The Gates of Hell”. Besides shipwrecks, the surrounding waters have 11 species of shark, and there are also other wild animals like lions and hyenas on land. However, Skeleton Coast is now also a great surfing spot, so surfers may find this enjoyable.

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5) Kilauea Beaches

It would be great with black-sand-beaches-meets-crystal-clear-water, if only Kilauea would stop. You see, Kilauea is an active volcano, and it has been erupting almost continuously for 35 years. Your pleasant swim or lazy day by the beach could very likely getting interrupted by the volcano erupting, so that would have to be a hard no. Besides that, Kilauea has also experienced its fair share of unprovoked shark attacks. We suppose we can settle for a different, safer beach.

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