5 Daily Habits For You To Transform Into A More Confident Person

Sometimes you look at certain people, and they just look like they have it all. Good looks, success, maybe fame and fortune… and you wonder if you could ever be like that. Confidence is all it takes, my friends, confidence. You can call this “fake it till you make it”, or trust in the link that when you feel good, you will do good, but whichever it is, confidence can take you a long way. Confidence is something you develop over time, but these 5 daily habits will definitely help!

1) Personal Grooming

This applies to both the ladies and the gentlemen. A well-groomed person would seem more put together and collected compared to someone who hardly notices his or her appearance. Granted, looks are not everything are we are definitely not asking you to spend your life savings on clothes or accessories, but you can’t deny a neat appearance can make a big difference. As long as your hair’s not a mess and your clothes are neat and tidy, you’re almost there. For the ladies, some say makeup is a form of manners, but it’s totally up to you!

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2) Skincare

Hello, the days are long gone when “skincare” was an exclusively female thing. Nowadays, it’s just as important for the gentlemen to take care of their skin as well. First things first, get to know your skin type, and then try to get suitable products (which can be tricky, so you may have to really try a lot of different products) to nurture your skin with. Develop a daily and weekly routine to make things easier, so you have a step-by-step each time. If all else fails, slap on sheet masks whenever you have free time, even the guys. Your skin will be hydrated, at the very least! With good skin comes great confidence!

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3) Be Active

By saying “be active”, you don’t necessarily have to sign up for a gym, or spend an hour jogging outside each day. Of course, setting aside some time for “formal” exercise is great, but you can also take baby steps first. There are actually plenty of ways to be more active in your daily routine. For example, (in controlled and safe conditions) you can take the stairs instead of the lift, and do you really have to look for the absolute nearest parking lot to your destination? Whenever possible, do things yourself and move – that’s already being active. Being active improves your overall health, and a healthy person is a confident person.

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4) Eat Healthy

There’s actually a simple guideline to follow: “never say never”. Sure, we may never be able to completely give up cake or fried chicken, but the key is to eat in moderation. Certain food are just healthier, and we should aim to have healthy food as a constant in our lives. Once in a while, we can then afford to let our hair down and feast on our favourite (if maybe unhealthy) food. I personally cut out added sugar completely for a few months and it made a huge difference! I felt better and “lighter”, honestly, and that made me feel good!

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5) Keep Calm

Life in the city means that we hardly get time to slow down, but it’s imperative that we take the time slow down each day. Whether it’s just a 5-minute break in your workday to turn away from work, or a 10-minute meditation session every morning before you start your day, it can help greatly in keeping you balanced. Slowing down and calming down is one of the most basic ways to keep your mental health in check, for mental health is now a crisis. For starters, just sit quietly by yourself for a few minutes each day without any distractions, and observe what goes on within you.

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Article sourced from and inspired by OMGloh.