5 Creative Ways to Make Learning More Engaging that You’d Never Thought

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Ensuring your children get an enjoyable learning experience is in every parents’ dream. Children are hardly focused when they find a lesson to be boring. Other than motivating them, delightful learning sessions can make learning more meaningful and fun. Here are 5 creative ways to make learning engaging that you’d never thought.

1) Hands-On Learning

The objective of learning hands-on is to enable children to expand important skills by connecting new concepts with the ideas that they have. When learning hands-on, children use all their five senses to learn. The information they collect is safe-guarded in long-term memory. You can let your children learn hands-on by making different creative models using toys like fischer TiP. Other than its benefit of making students engaged in learning, hands-on learning gives many other advantages to children.

Make Learning Engaging
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2) Field Trip

Taking your children to zoos, museums and theme parks can let them learn through experience, i.e experiential learning. Not to mention other than building on their academic capabilities, you are also shaping your children’s character by inculcating curiosity.

The latest technology also offers virtual reality (VR) trip without the hassle of going outside the house. This technology allows your children to visit multiple places of interests around the world such as The Louvres in France and Pisa in Italy. The only things you need are your mobile phone and a virtual reality headset (i.e. Google Cardboard).

Make Learning Engaging
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3) Story Telling

Translate boring lessons into a form of a story. Tell your children the life cycle of larvae using images and giving character names i.e: The life of Lily the Larvae.

Try conducting a group impromptu storytelling sessions. Start with a sentence, e.g “I want to cook something interesting today.” and let your children continue the next sentence, e.g “So I go to the market.”. Keep it going until the story is exhausted or the participants run out of ideas.

You can even learn from the best storyteller, Pixar. They use Pixar storytelling formula to brainstorm their ideas for our favourite Pixar movies. You can learn from them and use it for your children’s learning process.

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4) Use Movies As Learning Materials

Movies, other than entertaining, can work as learning materials. Outbreak can teach children about medicine or how virus work. Biography movies such as Invictus, Schindler’s List, and The Blind Side can teach children about values that great people possess.

Make Learning Engaging
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5) Use Games

“Playing Monopoly does not only enhance Mathematical skills, it can also intensify life skills such as negotiation, social and interpersonal skills”, wrote Philip E. Orbanes in his book “Monopoly, Money, and You. Charades can develop your children to think quickly, polish their language skills and critical thinking.

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With all the stress that may come with being parents, it is still possible to make learning captivating. Try out these methods and tell us how it goes!

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