25 Weirdest Driving Laws in the World

Besides the usual no speeding, no beating the red light, please wear your seatbelt laws, there are actually a number of wacky-sounding driving laws around the world. Some are just plain weird, while others will make you question why is it even a rule.

1) All cars must have windscreen wipers even if the cars don’t even have a windscreen

To be strictly adhered to in Luxembourg.

Image Credit: wheelzine.com

2) It’s illegal to drive blindfolded…

In Alabama, that is. Who would drive blindfolded though? That’s our question.

Image Credit: manwants.co.uk

3) You can’t tie a dog to the roof of your car

Duly noted when travelling in Alaska. But I suppose the dog could always run beside/behind your vehicle.

Image result for dog on car roof
Image Credit: flickr.com

4) Don’t honk the horn of another person’s car

If the car doesn’t belong to you, never ever honk its horn. Not in Missouri.

File:Singapore road sign - Prohibitory - No honking.svg
Image Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

5) As long as you’re at one of the rear wheels touching your car…

You can urinate in public in the UK. Otherwise, be prepared to receive a fine for public indecency.

Image Credit: reddit.com

6) Shoe choice is of utmost importance while driving

In Spain, you can’t drive with flip-flops, high-heels, backless shoes, and open-front shoes. Neither can you go barefoot.

Image Credit: amazon.com

7) Does your car number plate end with a 1 or 2?

If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be able to drive in Manila on Mondays. Not sure why though.

Image Credit: plateshack.com

8) You can drive the wrong way down a one-way street…

If you have a lantern attached to the front of your car. Also happening in Alabama.

Image Credit: homedepot.com

9) It’s illegal to molest your car

This law is set in Clinton, Oklahoma. Noted, but how exactly would one molest a car, and why?

Image Credit: xtremetiregarage.com

10) Your pet is also not allowed to molest your car

This law doesn’t apply in Oklahoma, but Kentucky instead. I fail to wrap my head around this rule.

Image result for confused looking dog
Image Credit: playbuzz.com

11) On the subject of animals…

It is illegal to drive with a gorilla in the backseat of your car in Massachusetts. First of all, how would a gorilla fit? Second of all, why would I want a gorilla in my car?

Western lowland gorilla silverback
Image Credit: kids.sandiegozoo.org

12) You’re not allowed to stop on the Autobahn for any reason at all

The Autobahn is Germany’s federal controlled-access highway, and it has no speed limit. So even if your car runs out of petrol, you are strictly not allowed to stop, because you can imagine how problematic it will be.

Image result for autobahn no speed limit sign
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13) You can’t use the road as a bed 

The road doesn’t seem comfortable anyway, but whatever you do, don’t lie down on Californian roads.

Image Credit: walldevil.com

14) You can drink and drive at the same time

Till you get drunk, that is. Costa Rica, ladies and gentlemen, where you can drink at the wheel as long as you’re not drunk!

Image Credit: skyfineusa.com

15) It’s illegal to drive topless

This law belongs to our neighbour Thailand. To be safe, please keep clothing on at all times when in a moving vehicle.

Driving with my shirt off. Playing with an iPhone fisheye.
Image Credit: derek.broox.com

16) It’s illegal to stop for pedestrians

Only in China are pedestrians not given priority. Pedestrians, be careful there!

Image Credit: slate.com

17) You can’t use used underwear to buff/clean your car

Why? Why would anyone use used underwear to clean their car? Regardless, this law is set in California; San Francisco to be exact.

Cleaning car
Image Credit: businessinsider.com

18) There’s no car-washing on Sundays

In Switzerland, you are banned from washing your vehicle on Sundays. Perhaps it’s for you to rest properly.

Image Credit: redhawkcarwash.com

19) It’s illegal to frown at police officers

If you had a bad day, got pulled over by a cop, and frowned at him/her, your day is about to get worse. You can’t frown at police officers in New Jersey, so just keep smiling.

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20) On Sundays, we don’t drive black

Not sure why it matters, but you can’t drive a black car on Sundays in Denver, Colorado.

Image Credit: cars.com

21) It’s illegal to park in front of Dunkin’ Donuts

How hard can getting donuts be? Apparently, in Maine, it’s tough if you’re driving alone, because you can’t park in front of the store!

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Image Credit: news.dunkindonuts.com

22) You have to check underneath your car before you get into your car 

Implemented in Denmark, it’s to check for sleeping children, actually, and quite a reasonable rule, if you ask me. If not for sleeping children, maybe sleeping pets. Save lives, check underneath your car!

Image Credit: ourakl.webstrategy.co.nz

23) It’s illegal for an unoccupied vehicle to exceed 60 mph

This one hurts my head. If a vehicle is unoccupied, how does it move? In the event of an unoccupied moving vehicle, how does anyone control the speed? This only happens in California.

Image Credit: mityo.com

24) Taxi drivers must have a license to play recorded music while carrying passengers

In Finland, no license, no music.

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Image Credit: specdoc.com

25) It’s illegal to drive a dirty car

For those who don’t wash their cars, you’d probably have to spend a lot on fines in Russia.

Abu Dhabi officials are towing away dirty cars because they're an eyesore
Image Credit: motoringresearch.com