20 Old School Candies That Will Bring Back Your Childhood Memories

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Candy is an inevitable part of childhood. If you’re a 80s or 90s kid, then these 20 old school candies will surely bring back memories. Which is your favourite candy that you grew up with? If you don’t recall any, then obviously you have a miserable childhood or you are not old enough :p

1) Push Pop

old school candies
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2) Sugus

Old School Candies
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3) Bubble Gum With Tattoo Ink

old school candies
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4) Sour Strip Candy

old school candies
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5) White Rabbit Creamy Candy

old school candy
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6) Colouring Candy or “Ghost Candy”

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7) Diamond Ring Candy

old school candies
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8) “Eye Glass” Candy

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9) Gummy Candy

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10) Ligo Raisins

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11) Fruit Candy


12) Haw Flakes

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13) Chewy Stick Candy



14) Tora 


15) Ding Dang 


16) Apollo Chocolate Wafer Cream


17) Choki Choki


18) Nini


19) Apollo Chocolate Waffle Biscuit


20) Iced Gem Biscuit

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