1MDB Scandal Will Be Featured On Dirty Money’s Season 2 On Netflix

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Every country has their own share of financial scandals that haunt those who are affected by it. In our very own home, the 1MDB scandal is one that is currently being put under a microscope. The financial scandal that involves former Prime Minister Najib Razak is being discussed around the world. In fact, the 1MDB scandal will be featured on Dirty Money’s season 2.

Netflix’s Dirty Money Series

While we are aware that the rich have their own methods of increasing their wealth, sometimes it involves unscrupulous methods. Dirty Money is a popular Netflix series which takes a look at these kinds of situations.

Dirty Money
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The series looks at scandal, corruption, and acts of corporate greed found around the world. Furthermore, in each episode viewers are treated to firsthand accounts regarding the scandals.

The 1MDB Scandal

1MDB scandal
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Just to provide a quick recap, the 1MDB scandal involves Najib Razak who was Prime Minister in 2015. Moreover, he was accused of funnelling over RM2.67 billion from the 1MDB fund into his personal bank accounts. As a result, widespread criticism among Malaysians led to the demand of his resignation.

His trial is currently ongoing with many twists and turns, one of which includes a serious case of conjunctivitis. Many are also eager for his prosecution to be seen through with a fair and just outcome.

Najib Razak to be Featured 

1MDB scandal
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Moving on, the 1MDB scandal is so widely known that it will now receive spotlight on Netflix’s Dirty Money series. Additionally, the episode is titled ‘The Man at the Top’ and even features an interview with Najib Razak.

Tune in to the episode to catch an inside look at how billions were used to line the pockets of the rich. Some of which include Hollywood celebrities, Goldman Sachs executives, and members of the Malaysian government.

Season 2 of Dirty Money will be available from the 11th of March.