18 Examples of English That Will Make You Question Your Own English Skills

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Language is such a beautiful, fluid thing. When used in the correct context, it can move people to tears. Other times, it evokes laughter and creates confusion when words are simply strung together. Without using the Chinese clues (some pictures contain Chinese characters), try to figure out what the English sentences mean. Have fun!

1) Which Is It?

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2) The Terminator?

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3) Has Exclusivity Been Extinguished?

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4) One Cowboy Leg and A Black Bowel, Thanks

Funny English: Cowboy leg
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5) Totally Trustworthy

Very suspicious supermarket
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6) The Who Now?

Offer the seats to the old, weak, sick, cripple, gravid
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7) We Will Fisit You Again

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8) Because Chanting Can Be All Sorts of Confusing

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9) Not Only Should You Mind Your Head, But

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10) I Didn’t Know This Was A Thing!

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11) A Harsh Punishment

Touching wires causes instant death, $200 fine
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12) For All the Suckers Out There

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13) Much Deep, So Nature

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14) We Must Learn the Art of Civilised Urinating

You can enjoy the fresh air after finishing a civilised urinating
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15) How Do We Save Other Countries?

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17) So Easy to Drink!

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18) Before You Can Use the Toilet…

Go into the toilet beard know
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And that’s enough English for today!