16 Strange Superstitions Around the World

Even in the modern world, superstitions are still prevalent. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a single superstition at all! For example, knocking on wood is still a widespread, common superstition till today. But what about superstitions in other cultures around the world? Let’s find out together with these 16 strange superstitions, just in time for some #halloweenvibes.

1) Brooms & Feet Do Not Mix – Afghanistan

If you touch someone’s feet with a broom, one of your parents will die. Pretty serious consequence for sweeping someone off their feet!

Image Credit: tumutbroomfactory.com

2) Mirror Mirror – Mexico among others

Whatever you do, never place mirrors opposite each other, because mirrors that face each other may be a doorway for the devil!

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Image Credit: pinterest.com

3) Outdoor Knitting Prolongs Winter – Iceland

For some reason, Icelanders believe that if you knit outside, winter will be prolonged. Maybe do everyone a favour and knit indoors? A pretty harmless but cold superstition though.

Image Credit: dorcaspennyfather.com

4) Tough Luck for the Seventh Son – Argentina

Perhaps it’s best to keep families small in Argentina. If you’re the seventh daughter, all is good. However, if you’re the seventh son, you will turn into a werewolf, unless the president of Argentina adopts you.

Image result for werewolf realistic
Image Credit: pinterest.com

5) Make A Stop After Attending A Funeral – Philippines

Just been to a funeral? Don’t go right home, for evil spirits may follow you home! Instead, stop somewhere else first. A coffee shop will do just fine. Incidentally, this Filipino tradition is called “pagpag”.

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6) Whistling Indoors is Strictly Prohibited – Lithuania

For a very simple reason: if you whistle indoors, you are inviting evil to enter.

Image Credit: vox.com

7) Stolen Bellybuttons – Japan

When there’s a storm going on, children must cover their stomachs. Otherwise, the God of Thunder, Raijin, will swoop down and steal their bellybuttons! Protect your bellybuttons!

lady holding stomach in discomfort
Image Credit: medicalnewstoday.com

8) Why Kiss When You Can Eat Grapes? – Spain

When the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s, people usually kiss. But not in Spain. If you want good luck, you must eat 12 grapes to represent each chime of the clock. What’s more, you must eat each grape in time with each time, otherwise bad luck will follow.

Eat 12 grapes for good luck on New Year's / Wikimedia
Image Credit: theculturetrip.com

9) Confusing Broom Rituals and Repercussions – India

Yet another broom superstition, if a man gets hit by a broom, even by accident, he will become sterile and lose his genitals. The only way to break this curse? Get hit by the broom for another seven times.

Image Credit: successtrogen.com

10) Itchy Hands = Money Matters – Italy 

If your right hand itches, you’re about to gain some money. If your left hand itches, you’re about to lose some money.

Itchy fingers may be caused by a skin condition, such as contact dermatitis. Hands itching palm.
Image Credit: medicalnewstoday.com

11) Horseshoes Are Lucky! – Various Cultures

There’s an ancient story about horseshoes warding off the devil, and in more modern times, warding off the evil eye. Because horseshoes are made of iron, they can ward off evil spirits as well. Furthermore, hanging a horseshoe in a bedroom will keep those nightmares away. However, the direction of hanging the horseshoe is still under debate.

Image Credit: manentailequine.com

12) Straight-Up Chopsticks Are A No-No – Japan & Various Chinese Communities

When you stick chopsticks straight up into your food, they look exactly like the incense sticks used at funerals. Bad symbolism, and bad table manners.

Image Credit: fluentu.com

13) Owls Are Bad-News-Bringers – Egypt

In Egypt, if you encounter an owl, you may receive some horrible news. Best not to wander around at night then.

Great horned owl in flight.
Image Credit: animals.sandiegozoo.org

14) Transformation Tuesday – India

Transformation Tuesday will never take place in India, because it’s bad luck to get a haircut on Tuesdays.

Image result for cutting hair india
Image Credit: winimages.co

15) No Gum At Night – Turkey

If you chew gum at night, you’re chewing on the flesh of the dead. Don’t know where that came from, and don’t want to know.

Image Credit: todayifoundout.com

16) Tuesday the 13th – Spain & Spanish-Speaking Countries

Everyone knows Friday the 13th, but it’s Tuesday the 13th that is taboo in Spain. Martes is Tuesday in Spanish, and it comes from the Roman God of War: Mars. And just like that, Tuesday is forever associated with violence, death and bloodshed.

Spain Tuesday 13
Image Credit: rd.com

Whether you believe in them or not, they certainly are interesting! Have any more to add? Feel free to let us know in the comments below, and Happy Halloween!