12 Parent-Child Activities You Can Do With Your Kids Indoors

We’re at day ? of the MCO now, and your kids have run out of things to do? And you too, have run out of ideas of what to do with them, and now everyone’s driving each other crazy? Well, to help tide you through the remaining days and encourage more bonding, we’ve compiled a list of parent-child activities! Hopefully, you haven’t done all of them yet, but perhaps you can tweak them even if you’ve already done so. Check it out, and we believe both you and your kids will be totally occupied!

1) Treasure Hunt

Apparently, kids love find things, and they’re somewhat of a natural discoverer. So let them go find some stuff. Spin a story and tell them they’re a character, who has to locate a secret object (or objects, if you have time!) hidden in the house. Better yet, if you really have time, you could even create a treasure map of your own, with clues or whatnot, depending on how well your planning is. That’ll definitely take some time (unless you’re a lousy hider).

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2) Make A Family Tree

More bonding! Introduce and re-introduce your kids to the whole family! You can make family trees by using actual photos of family members, or have your kids draw them, depending on photo availability. If they don’t really know how familial relationships work yet, this could be their introduction too! All in all, they will get to know their own family history a little better, and time well spent there! You can go as simple or as complicated as you want!

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3) Create A Scrapbook

Get creative with your kid(s) by creating a scrapbook. The scrapbook can be anything you want it to be: a collection of photos, doodles, colouring, stickers, fabric, shapes, leaves — you name it. It can work out pretty well because the scrapbook can be added to everyday, so it can be your MCO project, or even a long-term project extending beyond the MCO.

Image Credit: thesprucecrafts.com

4) Storytelling Based On A Picture

Kids have wild imaginations, and there’s no better time to learn what they think than now. Simply show them a picture, and have them tell you a story based on that picture. You can ask questions to prompt them if they find it difficult, but some kids will just run away with it like a pro. The questions will also encourage thinking in kids, so it’s really quite a beneficial activity.

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5) Conduct Simple Science Experiments

With what you have at home, of course. Science, after all, is learning how things work. So, for starters, plant a bean (primary school days much?), make some dough with flour, boil eggs for different durations (but make sure you eat them)… you can Google “science experiments at home” and you’ll find more than what you need!

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6) Make Musical Instruments Of Your Own

Strap rubberbands over boxes, put beans in a bottle, or if you dare you can fill glasses up with different levels of water; anything that can create sounds will do. After that, form your own band, and start making music. Kids are naturally drawn to rhythm and music, so this will be a fun activity especially for them.

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7) Guess The Object

Pique your child(ren)’s curiosity by blindfolding them and having them guess objects you place in front of them. The key is to select a variety of different textured materials, and mix and match them up. You could even make it more challenging by creating your own mixtures. You know those people on reality shows who have boxes in front of them with crazy scary or sometimes totally harmless objects? That’s the idea, but don’t traumatise your kid(s).

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8) Disco Dancing

Oh yeah, break out your dance shoes, dads and moms. It’s time for a throwback! Shut the doors and windows, lower your blinds, switch off the lights, and hand your kid(s) flashlights. (If you’re confident you could even hand them your phone because that has a light.) Put on some music and ask them to shine the light everywhere – that’s the disco ball. Dance away with your family and impress your kid(s) with your moves! (Or have them teach you moves instead.) No disco, just dance works too!

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9) Have A Long Jump Contest

Kids just want to be the best at everything, so just slip in “it’s a competition” and they’re roaring and ready to go. If not a long jump contest due to space constraints, any other sort of physical activity would work too. Maybe who can keep jumping for a certain amount of time, who can balance longer on one leg etc.

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10) Taste Test

Similar to “guess the object”, you too, blindfold your kid(s) and feed them food, and then have them guess what it is. It doesn’t have to be a single item of food either, you could mix food items to make it challenging. Just try not to give your kid(s) a stomachache, we guess.

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11) Indoor Obstacle Course

It’ll take a little effort on your part, but you can create your very own indoor obstacle course using furniture and other objects you have at home. You can even throw in really specific instructions for your kid(s) such as you can only hop at this point, or frog jump here, or you have to crawl through this.

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12) Freeze When The Music Stops

A typical party game, this is more fun when more people are involved, but it works regardless. Very simply, let music play and have your kid(s) move about freely. When the music stops, they have to freeze, whatever they’re doing. For a challenge, you could even tell them to freeze in specific poses, such as freezing on one leg only.

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You’re the best, parents! Keep going and share any other ideas you have with us in the comments below!