12 Desirable Traits of a Perfect Man

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Every girl has an ideal checklist when looking out for a partner. From the outer look to the inner character, here is a list of 12 traits that would make up a perfect man. If you ever find someone like him, remember to grab him tight before he falls prey to the hands of others.

1) He is Charming

A charming man, when he looks into your eyes, makes you feel like you are in fairy tale. Have you ever met someone who made your cheek blushes and your heart pounds like never before?

Perfect Man
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2) He is Fit

Every girl desires her partner to be in good shape, but hardly say it out. Guys, if you think your woman is okay with your big tummy, then you are wrong. Who doesn’t wish to date a fit guy like Brad Pitt?

Perfect Man
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3) He Knows How To Style Up

A man who is presentable is surely an icing to cake. A man who knows how to style up and look smart makes a woman proud and delighted to go out with.

Perfect Man
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4) He is Honest

A man who lies is a big put off. A good guy understands honesty might be tough up front, but the impact is far less than the outcome of long running white lies.

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5) He is Intelligent

Woman can rely on a man who has all the knowledge of the world. He can make smart decisions, help you solve your problems and provoke interesting conversations. Intelligence is surely a huge turn-on.

Perfect Man
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6) He is Confident

A man with self-confidence does not easily sway or being influenced by the others. They stay true to themselves and have a distinctive set of goals or believes to pursue.

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7) He is Ambitious

It is okay if your guy is not rich just yet, but he must have the ambition and positive mindset to achieve something in his life. Do you want a guy who sits at home all day playing video games?

Perfect Man
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8) He is Romantic

A great relationship should never feel stale and boring. If a man knows how to always keep you on your toes, he is half way there to become the perfect candidate.

Perfect Man
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9) He is Faithful

A romantic but unfaithful man is an instant no. An ideal man knows trust is key in a relationship. You should be able to let your man go on a guys’ night out without worrying about what he might do.

Perfect Man
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10) He is Caring

Every woman wants her man to care about her even if it’s a simple gesture. If a man knows when to be there when his woman needs him, he is certain to have a box ticked on the checklist.

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11) He is Understanding

A guy who is understanding, listens and knows what a girl really wants. While it is a pretty tall order for most men to fully understand women, be understanding will definitely sets the guy apart from the rest.

Perfect Man
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12) He has Good Sense of Humor

Happiness is key in any relationships. A guy that can make you laugh all the time, is a guy that will help nurture a long term and healthy relationship.

Perfect Man
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Though it is near to impossible to find a guy who possesses ALL the above 12 traits, we would like to say…