12 Amazing Uses You Can Do With WD-40

Every household should at least have a can of WD-40. This well-known spray is particularly useful to lubricate those squeaky door hinges or loosen rusted parts. But did you know that there are other ways in which you can make full use of this handy spray? Here are the 12 Amazing Uses You Can Do With WD-40.

1) Eliminate Cockroaches

Running out of cockroach spray? Fret not, because WD-40 actually comes in handy. Use it just like how you would use a regular cockroach spray. Aim the little red straw that is attached to the nozzle of the WD-40 can and spray directly at the roaches. Just remember not to breathe it in when you do so.

Image Credit: maloomaat.com

2) Use It As An Insect Repellent

Apparently, WD-40 isn’t just effective against cockroaches. You can even repel insects like bugs and snails! This is also useful if you are in the outdoors regardless of a camping or hiking trip.

Image Credit: @djmacber

3) Remove Chewing Gum

It can be frustrating when you accidentally step on leftover chewing gum on the ground. You definitely do not want to remove the gum that is stuck under one of your shoes with your fingers, though. Thankfully, you can use WD-40 to unstick the gum from your shoe. The WD-40 can even be used to get rid of the gum that is stuck on hair.

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4) Loosen Stacked Glasses, Cups… And Legos!

Don’t you just hate when your glasses or cups in the kitchen are stuck so firmly together? Give your fingers a break and simply spray a dash of WD-40 around the rim. Wait for a while prior to pulling them apart. Remember to wash them thoroughly to get rid of the residue. You can even use WD-40 to separate stuck Lego bricks. We know it’s not going to be pretty when you end up hurting your fingers while trying to pull those plastic bricks apart.

WD 40
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5) Remove Stubborn Stains

Stubborn stains from clothes like lipstick, ink and oily residue can be tough to remove. Spray some WD-40 on paper towels or used rags and apply it gently on the stained area.

Image Credit: today.com

6) Get Rid Of Coffee And Tea Stains

It can be annoying watching those coffee or tea stains leave an unpleasant mark on your kitchen counter, table, desk or even floor. Your solution: spray a dash of WD-40 on a clean, damp cloth or a sponge and wipe those stains away.

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7) Say Goodbye To Bird Droppings

It must be your unlucky day when a flock of birds end up pooping all over the hood of your car. Use a microfibre cloth and spray some WD-40 on it to soften the bird droppings and wipe them off. Whatever you do, it is advisable not to use regular sponges or any household towels since their rough material can damage the surface of your car.

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8) Get Rid Of Crayon Scribbles On The Walls

Some kids love to use the walls as their canvases and doodling all over them with crayons. Whether you are a parent or a legal guardian, it is definitely not a pretty sight to witness your previously blank walls turned into a colourful mess. Simply spray some WD-40 onto a sponge and wipe the crayon off the walls.

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9) Remove Glue Residue Off Your Fingers

There are times we use  super glue and the annoyingly sticky residue somehow dries up on your fingers. It can be burdensome to try removing them with regular soap and tap water. Just spray some WD-40 onto your affected fingers to help loosen the super glue for easy removal.

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10) Clean Toilets

If your toilet is dirty or suffers from discolourations, you can use WD-40 by spraying a few shots on the stained area. Let it sit for a while before you proceed by scrubbing the stain away with your toilet brush. No more sediment stains and rust marks.

Image Credit: today.com

11) Make Your Leather Furniture Last Longer

Leather furniture like sofa and couch tends to break off with cracks and wrinkles over time. To prevent or at least delay the problem from happening, just spray a little WD-40 and rub it on them with a clean cloth.

WD 40
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12) Get Rid Of Stickers

Poor fingernails. They don’t deserve to be tortured… when you use them to peel off a sticker or a label on the wall. Let WD-40 do all the hard work. Just spray it at the sticker and let it rest for a while. You will be able to peel it off easily by then.

WD 40
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