11 Ways Khairy Jamaluddin Is Killing It On Instagram

Image Credit: Khairy Jamaluddin Instagram

This article originally appeared on vulcanpost.my.

Khairy Jamaluddin, popularly known as KJ, is the Youth and Sports Minister in Malaysia and the Member of Parliament for Rembau. Other than carrying out his political duties, he is also active in social media such as Twitter and Instagram.

Did you know that instead of having a PR assistant, he actually handles his own Instagram account? His first post was made in November 2011 and to-date he has 289 posts and more than 550,000 followers. Take a look at the 11 ways Khairy Jamaluddin is killing it on Instagram.

1. He appreciates a good book.


Fiction. Finally. @khairykj

2. He takes classy black and white selfies, just like the rest of us.


London circa 1950 @khairykj

3. He understands the importance of being fit and healthy.


At the end of each day ask yourself, “Did I hit my target today?” If you haven’t, get moving. #FitMalaysia Fit for Life @khairykj

4. He enjoys the simple pleasures of life, like a bowl of maggi mee.


Maggi Mee Movember. Pathetic attempt, I know. @khairykj

5. He knows how to make a good pun.


Had a bad day? Don’t worry, just… @khairykj

6. He can make a good inspirational speech.


You hit a wall.
You think that’s the limit of your abilities. You can’t go further. You can’t go any faster. You can’t do any better.
But your limit is always more.
You can go further. You can go faster. You can do better.
Break through that wall.
Crossing the finish line at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. I wanted to run the 10km in under an hour. Broke that wall. Just.


7. He has a great sense of humour.


UMNO Youth townhall session. Looks like I’m about to grab his head. @khairykj

8. He’s so cool, hanging out with Najib Razak and Benedict Cumberbatch.


PM and I with Sherlock. @khairykj

9. He is not afraid of showing his awful fashion sense.


Everyone needs a little colour in their lives. @khairykj

10. He looks awesome even when he’s just chilling.


“Chillin at Mui Fong with my homies yaw” lyrics from Rembau Most Wanted refers to this restaurant in Pekan Rembau. @khairykj

11. He takes heart-warming family photos that will make you go ‘awwwww’.

With his infamous father-in-law, former PM Pak Lah!


Generational interplay @khairykj

With his kids.


Please never be too ‘cool’ to kiss your Papa. @khairykj