11 Online Shops to Get Handmade Products for Your Pet

Those of us with pets often think of our pets as part of the family and some even consider them as precious as their own children. This is how much we care for and love the pets we have in our lives. Naturally, we would also want to treat them to good things and make sure they live a happy and healthy life. As pet parents, we like to spoil our pets with pretty clothes, name tags and yummy healthy snacks. One great way to do that is to purchase handmade products as they can be customised, and the quality is guaranteed. Check out these 11 online shops where you can find handmade products for your beloved pet.

1. Harper-Bandanas

Founded in the memory of Harper who unfortunately was not able to live a long and happy life due to health complications, Harper’s owners handmake beautiful bandanas for your furkids to wear. You can choose from a huge selection of patterns, and you can also customise it to include your pet’s name on the bandana. An expat couple who started fostering puppies and dogs in January 2019, they decided to create Harper-Bandanas to keep the memory of little Harper alive. Not only that, 100% of their profits is donated to shelters and rescuers in Malaysia!

Image Credit: Harper-Bandanas Facebook

2. Petting Everything

You’re not the only one who needs to buy new clothes for the upcoming Chinese New Year, get your furbabies some new clothes by purchasing CNY-themed bandanas from Petting Everything. These bandanas can be customised with your pet dog or cat’s name embroidered onto the cloth too. They also sell a variety of pet toys at very affordable prices, so that you don’t have to break your bank account for toys that wouldn’t even last more than a few rounds (I know they wouldn’t last with my dog).

Image Credit: @pettingeverything

3. Bucket & Colours

It doesn’t get any more handmade than these – crochet pet wear that will make our four-legged friends look like they just walked out of a fairy tale! You have to take a look at the adorable collars on sale. They even have a hoodie and socks set that is too cute to be true. Decorated with ribbons, flowers, charms and bells – I bet your photo album is going to be full of your furbaby’s pictures once you put the crochet wear on them.

Image Credit: @bucketcolors

4. Paw Studio Malaysia

At Paw Studio Malaysia, you can create a customised pet tag for your pet with their name and your contact number in case they ever get lost. However, the most interesting product is the customised pet tag that looks like an identification card. You can put in your phone number, pet name, date of birth and other details – information that will prove very useful if your pet gets lost or hurt. Not only that, but you can also put a QR code on the name tag where you can access all that information when you scan it. How amazing is the power of technology and creativity, right? This kind of name tag is especially useful for pet cats that have the tendency to roam around the neighbourhood. Check out their products on Shopee here.

Image Credit: @pawstudiomalaysia

5. Thoughtful

Another shop that sells customised name tags, the pet name tags at Thoughtful are made of resin with beautiful colours, glitters and charms to make them stand out on your furkid. You can choose your own combination of colours and fillers and even add on adorable charms to show off your pet’s personality. As they are fully handcrafted, you are encouraged to pre-order your name tag at least four weeks in advance. The name tag is not heavy, so you don’t have to worry about that. My sister got one customised for our dog (pictured below) and it’s so pretty!

Image Credit: @JC

6. Paws of Paws

Looking for a unique collar for your pet? Look no further than the handmade pet collars at Paws of Paws! They are made with parachute cord which means they’re strong and will not break easily but at the same time lightweight so that it wouldn’t hurt to be worn. They have three designs for you to choose from – classic, fishtail and daisy – along with many colour combinations to make a beautiful pet collar for your pet. If you feel unsure, just check out their Instagram page for ideas on what colour would be suitable. They also have a lighter and smaller version of their pet collars that would be perfect for small-sized furbabies.  

Image Credit: @pawsofpaws

7. Pawwy

Here’s another option for pet collars – handmade using parachute cord, they also have customisable name tags that you can purchase together. When you head over to the website, you can get a live preview of how the colours of the collar and name tag would go together. That’s very useful to help you get a clearer picture of how the collar and name tag will turn out. As it is handmade, the collar is made according to the size of your pet, and they also show you how to measure the correct length for the pet collar.

Image Credit: @pawwypawwy

8. Juma Pet Store

Juma is a local pet start-up brand that was inspired by the founders’ domestic long hair black cat, Soju (he’s on their logo), who suffered from urinary tract issues after they adopted him. They tried changing his diet but to no avail. After some research, they found that raw freeze-dried food was the best solution. As it is more nutrient-dense which meant that more nutrients are being absorbed, this led to better health for their furbaby. After changing Soju’s diet to raw freeze-dried food and seeing the improvement, they started this business with the hope of providing a healthier option to pet parents out there. They sell a wide range of raw freeze-dried and air-dried pet food that are suitable for cats, dogs and even hamsters!

Image Credit: @jumapetstore

9. Heino

Another food option for your beloved pets, Heino offers fresh food and healthy snacks for your four-legged babies. Made with organic ingredients, their fresh food menu has three options – chicken, beef and fish that are made with vegetables to give a balanced meal to your pet. The benefits of feeding fresh food are helping your pet get sufficient nutrition, promote less smelly poop, and extend the life of your furkids. Ultimately, your pet’s diet depends on your pet’s preference and health conditions, so it’s better that you do your own research and experiment to find the best food that fits your furbabies.

Image Credit: @heino.petfood

10. Chef Paw

Looking for healthier treats to feed your pets? Take a look at Chef Paw’s Homemade pet treats that are made with no preservatives, artificial colouring or additives. Not only that, but they are also freshly made upon order, so you know that your furkids are getting the best quality of treats. They have a very extensive menu with options such as assorted cookies, milk bean series, chips, and sticks. They also offer mix and match trial packs for you to try a few of each flavour to see which one your pet likes best. The cookies looked so adorable that I had to get the Sunny Side Up Egg cookies for my dog. There are also currently selling CNY cookies so that your furkids can join in on the fun this CNY!

Image Credit: @chefpawmy

11. Petissier Pet Bakery

Anyone’s pet’s birthday coming up? If you are looking to go all out to celebrate, you have to get the birthday cake from Petissier Pet Bakery! Looking as delicious and pretty as a real birthday cake, you can be assured that the cake is pet-friendly and made with no preservatives or additives. Choose the theme of your cake and they will customise the cake according to your specifications. You can also opt for a cupcake set if you are inviting other four-legged friends to the party so that everyone gets their own cake! You can check out other snacks and products on their Shopee.

Image Credit: @petissierpetbakery

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