10 Ways That Show Melissa McCarthy Is Happening in Hollywood

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In the world that we live in today, it’s hard to become a public personality with the presence of the internet people, whose job descriptions include making fun of celebrities’ size and shape. Melissa McCarthy is one such celebrity, who overcame all odds to become a bankable star in Hollywood. She started out in small roles and today, she’s one of the biggest female comedians around. Here are the reasons why Melissa McCarthy is happening right now in Hollywood and why there’s no stopping her from happening.

1) She made a name for herself as a lead actress

Melissa McCarthy didn’t have it easy at the beginning of her career. She didn’t look like other actresses and always seemed to be cast in supporting roles. After ‘Bridesmaid’ happened, all that changed. Today, she’s successfully leading a film at the box office.

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2) She overcame her weight issues

Despite being a celebrity, Melissa had to fight off haters and commenters, who seem to have time to make fun of her body. Aside from the internet, Melissa found herself answering back to journalists, who asked her about her weight issues.

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3) She’s extremely funny

There’s a reason why directors and producers keep on hiring Melissa McCarthy to be in their films, it’s because she’s extremely funny. Actors know that not everyone can be funny on screen and the audience don’t find everyone funny on screen, which is exactly why Melissa deserves all the praise and compliments she gets as a comedian in Hollywood.

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4) She’s not afraid to be mean in a funny way

Not every actress can be funny on screen and not every actress can carry off being mean and funny at the same time. Melissa can do both, as she started out in these kinds of characters in films before she graduated to mature characters, who were just normal.

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5) She’s a nice person off screen

No one, who has met and interacted with Melissa, has a problem with the way she behaves. She’s basically just a normal and nice person, who thinks of how the world should be. As seen in the interview below, Melissa gave a piece of her mind to a journalist, who wrote sexist things about women.

Image Credit: The Ellen Show

6) She is worried on what the future holds for girls and women

In an interview with BBC Network, Melissa has said that she’s worried about the future and on the impact it will have on girls and women because of the unrealistic expectations that society put on them.

Image Credit: BBC

7) She’s unapologetic about the way she is

Since Melissa has said that she can’t seem to find good clothes that fit her, she launched her own fashion like that features clothes for women of all sizes. She also mentioned how she was interested in launching her own fashion line because she studied clothing and textiles in college and was planning to make a career for herself in the fashion industry.

Image Credit: Vogue Magazine

8) People can’t help but like her

It’s hard for people to not like Melissa McCarthy when they are not sexists and trolls online. She has a pleasant personality that everyone can relate to, much like Tina Fey. Who knew? People still like smart and funny women despite what the media wants everyone to believe.

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9) She’s all about feminism

Melissa has said countless of times how it is unfair that it’s always the women, who are pitted against each other. She mentioned how it’s a cultural thing that is so strange because the society that we live in has such unrealistic expectations for women and yet, people do it all the time.

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10)  She’s a bankable star

Who would have thought that the audience will accept someone like Melissa play a spy alongside Jude Law? The fact that the audience enjoyed ‘Spy’ proves that Melissa is going the right way with her career choices. If she keeps making good decisions, then there’s no way that anyone can stop her from competing directly with the male comedians of Hollywood.

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