10 Wardrobe Staples That Will Ensure You Have Perfect Outfits For Every Occasion!

Girls, I know, you know. Whenever you have some sort of occasion coming up, you always ask yourself the question “what to wear?” because nothing seems right! Plus, fashion trends sometimes come and go so quickly we hardly catch them before they change again. But some things never go out of style, and that’s why you absolutely must have them in your wardrobe! Presenting to you 10 must-have wardrobe staples, guaranteed to slay at any occasion! *flips hair*

1) White Top

A white top is the most basic of all items, and it’s versatile enough to pair with all colours and bottoms. Thinking about just exactly which kind of top to get? Get a form-fitting white tee. It doesn’t have to be super tight, but a form-fitting white tee could match with slim pants for a business meeting, or a cute denim skirt for a shopping trip – anything works!

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2) Blazer

So what if you’re not working corporate? A girl definitely needs one of these in her wardrobe to layer over camis or tanks. A blazer immediately adds a touch of professionalism to your outfit, and exudes confidence like no other item can. Classic colours include black, navy or perhaps cream, but if you’re feeling bold, get one in a bright colour – it could become your signature fashion item!

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3) Denim

By denim, we mean jacket, shorts, jeans and skirt. Denim is an extremely durable material, and quality ones can last you several years without it succumbing to wear and tear. Denim shorts and skirts are great for days off, whereas a pair of your favourite jeans work with just about anything. Last but not least, denim jackets are great for that rugged feel!

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4) Black Pants

Seriously, take your pick with the black pants category. Whether you love culottes, wide-legged, cropped and tapered, high-waisted or cigarette pants, you’re safe if you have a pair of black pants in your wardrobe. Black pants are perfect to match with tops of any colour and style, and the correct pair of black pants can take you from office straight to a party.

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5) Trusty Sneakers

Hardly anyone mentions sneakers when it comes to women’s fashion, but we do need a good pair of sneakers! Your sneakers will help keep you in shape (hello, workouts) and also make sure that your feet are comfy when you just don’t feel like wearing a pair of heels. Besides that, sneakers nowadays are even paired up with gowns even at formal events, so why not?

Image Credit: otbtshoes.com

6) Little Black Dress

And speaking about gowns or dresses, there is no way you can skimp on a LBD. In fact, I have several LBDs hanging in my closet… anyway. Deciding when to wear a LBD is simple: when in doubt, wear a LBD. LBDs could be worn as office attire, to company dinners, family dinners, weddings, parties… the list goes on.

Image Credit: elisabethmcknight.com

7) Crossbody Bag

Everyone loves one of these, for you could just sling it over your body and leave your arms and hands free! For more versatility, opt for ones that aren’t too big and have a sturdier structure, such as flap bags with a frame. Those crossbody bags are good for dates, brunch, and can even make it to certain dinners!

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8) Your Go-To Accessory

It could be sparkling diamond studs (faux ones count too!), a timepiece, a dainty necklace, or something else entirely. It’s something that you’re never seen without, and it’s as much your identity as your name is. Your go-to accessory becomes part of your own unique style!

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9) Heels

They may not be the most comfortable item of all, but you can’t deny that they make our legs go on for miles, especially those with a slim heel like stilettos. Heels are also great for completing an outfit’s look and vibe, whether it’s a pair of classic black pumps, nude strappy heels, or va-va-voom red stilettos!

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