10 Unique Things to Do Over a Weekend in Singapore


It’s a small island, but don’t dismiss it purely by size. Singapore awaits you with lots of fun activities, you just need to find out what to do. Luckily for you, we’ve got some ideas you can consider. If you’ve got a few hours to kill whilst in Singapore, here are some ways to spend it fruitfully.


1) Check Out the Theatre Scene

What better way to soak up the local culture than to fully immerse yourself in it? We say a trip to the theatre is mandatory. Singapore’s theatre scene is bustling, with original content and talented local performers. There is a plethora of options available. Check out The Singapore Repertory Theatre, Wild Rice and The Necessary Stage to start.

Image Credit: esplanade.com

2) Awaken Your Inner Katniss Everdeen

Or Legolas perhaps? Watching archery on film is one thing, actually partaking in the activity is a whole other level of fun. If you are visiting Singapore with a group of friends, this could be a fun way to spend your weekend. For those who have always harboured dreams of becoming expert archers, head on over to Combat Archery or Cohesion.

Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/cohesionsg/

3) Hang Out with Turtles

They aren’t teenaged or mutant, but still pretty fascinating. The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum is committed to the health of every turtle and tortoise, and use this space to rescue and rehabilitate them. Visitors can meet ancient Turtles that have walked the earth for decades here. The terrapin and soft-shell turtles roam freely through the park, and there are also large ponds around. The museum is at Chinese Garden Road.

Image Credit: turtle-tortoise.com

4) Embark on a Special Food Tour

This is a food tour unlike any other – it takes you to some of the best food stalls in Singapore to taste Michelin-Starred hawker fare. By booking this Bonappetour session, you will get to sample food at three specific outlets, and best of all – no need to queue up! In the midst of all the eating you will also get a tour around iconic locations in Chinatown.

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5) Burn Some Calories

All the munching is bound to have you in a food coma, and though napping sounds like a splendid idea – we’d suggest something more vigorous. Namely, cosmic bowling! This is a twist on the usual bowling because it’s glow in the dark. With the awesome music you’ll feel just like you’re in a club.

Image Credit: thesmartlocal.com

6) Visit A Secret Bar

You must be wondering how you’d visit a bar if it’s secret. Well, thank goodness for the internet then, because with just a little bit of Google magic you should be able to find a few around Singapore. Check out this list for some helpful ideas. Part of the fun is in finding these places, and once you get in you’ll be enthralled by the gorgeousness within.

Image Credit: straitstimes.com

7) Get Artsy

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a painter, then attending an Art Jam is a great way to start. Bring your friends and family along to make it even more entertaining, as you explore your creative side. One place to do so in Singapore is Arteastiq, and you can even get a beverage on the house and lush music to accompany you.

Image Credit: arteastiq.com

8) Enhance Your Newfound Artistry

With all of that art jamming, you may as well immerse further into artistic pursuits, by paying a visit to the National Gallery of Singapore. It is Singapore’s largest Southeast Asian art museum. It’s free for locals, but foreigners would need to pay $20 to enter. There, you will get to enjoy art exhibitions by local and Southeast Asian artists.

Image Credit: visitsingapore.com

9) Go on An Otherworldly Tour

Often, tours take a historical route. It’s quite different at Haw Par Villa. Yes, it’s certainly historical – this theme park was built in 1937 after all. It’s what you’ll see there that’s fairly macabre, as it depicts Chinese folklore’s 10 levels of hell. It’s open daily, and the last admission is at 6 pm.

Image Credit: visitsingapore.com

10) Fly

If you’ve always wished you could fly like your favourite superhero, then maybe you can make that dream come true at iFly Singapore. It basically allows you to get a feel of what a skydive would be, albeit indoors, and in a much safer environment. They are located at Siloso Beach Walk.

Image Credit: iflysingapore.com