10 Unique McDonald’s Items You Won’t Find In Malaysia

Image Credit: ftw.usatoday.com

Fast food. You either love it or hate it. Still, you cannot deny how popular brands like McDonald’s are, with such a global presence. Naturally, in every country they have their own beloved food items, and these tend to be reflected in the local McDonald’s menus. For instance, we have our Bubur Ayam in Malaysia. Here are 10 unique McDonald’s items you won’t be able to find here. Time to start a Global McDonald’s bucket list, maybe?

1) Sweety con Nutella, Italy

It’s not exactly a burger, but if you like your burgers meat free and with a chocolatey substitute then this just might be the one for you. It’s on McDonald’s Italy’s dessert menu and is basically a soft and sweet bread roll that has a Nutella spread sandwiched in between the two halves.

Image Credit: mcdonalds.it

2) McAloo Tikki, India

This burger was made especially for India, and features a twist on a classic Indian dish.  This is another burger that can be enjoyed by those who don’t take meat, as the burger patty is made of a combination of potato and peas, flavoured with Indian spices.

Image Credit: www.mcdonaldsindia.net

3) Poutine, Canada

Canada is known for some pretty awesome things and people, like two awesome Ryans (Gosling and Reynolds) and the world’s coolest Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that their McDonald’s menu features Poutine, which should be a national treasure — French fries dressed in cheese and gravy. Comfort food at its best.

Image Credit: www.mcdonalds.ca

4) EBI Filet-O, Japan

Similar to the Filet-O-Fish, but not quite, this burger has minced shrimp formed into a patty that’s fried with breadcrumbs and topped with Big Mac sauce.  This shrimp burger can only be found in Japan, and looks like a lighter and simpler alternative to the other options on the menu. Since the Japanese are known to love their seafood, it is only natural that a shrimp burger is featured.

Image Credit: www.mcdonalds.co.jp

5) Fish & Fries, Indonesia

Fish and chips in McDonald’s? Well yes, but in Indonesia. Again, if you find that a Filet-O-Fish is not how you want your fish meal, then why not skip the bun altogether with Fish & Fries. You’ll also get it with a must-have condiment – tartar sauce!

Image Credit: www.mcdonalds.co.id

6) BBQ Pulled Pork Wrap, UK

McDonald’s outlets all across the United Kingdom have delicious selections of wraps, with different flavours and dressings. This seems to be a standout among the choices though, with Pulled Pork basted in BBQ sauce, wrapped together with coleslaw and lettuce in a toasted tortilla.

Image Credit: www.mcdonalds.ie

7) Le P’tit Hot Dog, France

Everything sounds better in French, and this extends to McDonald’s menus too. So if a Le Big Mac won’t do, you can always opt for a Le P’tit Hot Dog instead. That’s right, you can get a good old fashioned hot dog in any McDonald’s outlet in France, which comes with a Strasbourg sausage wrapped neatly in a bun, and accompanied with fried onions, ketchup and mustard.

Image Credit: ws.mcdonalds.fr

8) McSpaghetti, Philippines

You may never have thought of eating pasta at McDonald’s, right?  Well if you are visiting The Philippines you may want to try a plate of McSpaghetti, which comes with a dollop of tomato sauce and you can have it with their Fried Chicken for a complete meal.

unique McDonald’s items
Image Credit: www.mcdonalds.com.ph

9) Big Rösti, Germany 

The Big Rösti is certainly not for the faint of heart, and might just leave you in a food coma with its decadent combination of a meaty beef patty, bacon, hash brown and creamy cheese sauce. It is practically a meal on its own, but of course in true McDonald’s style you can always add on fries and a drink to it. If you dare.

Image Credit: www.mcdonalds.de

10) Sausage N’ Egg Twisty Pasta, Hong Kong

Breakfast lovers here would be used to the usual Sausage McMuffin, but Hong Kong has taken things to the next level. There, you can get Sausage N’ Egg Twisty Pasta for breakfast which comes with a hot broth of your choice — either chicken or tonkotsu flavoured. You can even upgrade your pasta to a cheesier variety.

Image Credit: mcdonalds.com.hk